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In August 2011, olehz, owner of service approached Ukrainian OSM community and offered to import his data. The data itself was created by tracing paraplane imaginary officially obtained by the site owner. After initial bulk tracing all aspects of it were clarified on the ground and are on the constant improvements. The service is basically local geo tagged Yellow Pages and is quite popular in this resort region.

After struggling with supporting both of his local data and OSM it was decided by the author to finally switch over to OSM. The import was redone in February 2012 by basically wiping out the last data, since besides being heavily outdated, it was imported with a shift of 4.5 meters. The current plan is to completely switch to OSM.

The author explicitly permitted via e-mail and on the forums his will to pass the data to OSM under CT/ODbL and CC-BY-SA licenses.