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Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines

latitude: 13.62103, longitude: 123.19266
Browse map of Naga 13°37′15.71″ N, 123°11′33.58″ E
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Naga is a city in Camarines Sur, Philippines at latitude 13°37′15.71″ North, longitude 123°11′33.58″ East.


Most of the data for Naga City was added through data imported from the City Government of Naga (see below). Central and eastern portions of the city have been covered by Bing imagery since June 2012.

March 2008 Data Import

The Naga City Government used to maintain a public domain WMS of the city including roads, landuse, administrative boundaries and building footprints. The WMS is currently offline, but related data can be accessed through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

On March 2008, Ivan Sanchez downloaded the data from their WFS server into a GML file, applied gml2osm, made minor modifications through JOSM, and uploaded roads, rivers, railroads, schools and hospitals on the map. Administrative boundaries and land use data weren't imported due to "complexity of working with relations for lots of adjacent areas". The road data may have inaccuracies.

Comparison with other maps

Although Google Maps has slightly better data in some portions of the city, OpenStreetMap has more roads and buildings when compared with the former.


  • Update POI's
  • Add landuse (via Bing)
  • Add/update roads