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This is a list of translations for points of interest which will eventually be recognized by the Name finder.

At present you can search for things like "churches near Cambridge" but not "eglise pres Nancy", only "churches near Nancy". Please help by adding your language equivalents for these items.

Note that anything which has a name (and/or certain alternatives like alt_name, ref, iata etc) is searchable. These tables only define things for which you can search by generic name or category, such as "churches".

Don't worry about giving equivalents with and without accents or words like "schloss" and "schloß" - these will be handled automatically (but please quote the version with the accent). If there is more than one word, please give all of them (like pharmacy/chemist in English below).

See also:

Linking words that qualifies a search

Currently only "near" and a comma are recognized as separators. I am considering adding "in". Non-English variants would be usefully added here, please. If there are likely to be problems where the word or phrase appearing in real names, please make a note to that effect (e.g. are there any places "X pres de Y" which I would be in danger of interpreting as "X, Y".


Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s)
Arabic ar قرب
Asturian ast cerca, cerca de, cercanu a, próximu a
Catalan ca prop de, prop, a prop, proper, proper a
Danish dk nær
Dutch nl bij, nabij, in de buurt van
English en near
Farsi fa نزدیک
Finnish fi lähellä
French fr près, près de, proche, proche de
German de nah, nahe, bei, in der Nähe von
Hebrew he ליד, בקרבת
Hungarian hu X Y közelében
Italian it vicino, vicino a, presso
Japanese ja 付近
Kurdish ku nêzîk, li nêzîk, li derdorê, li cem
Polish pl blisko, w pobliżu, przy, niedaleko, obok, koło
Portuguese pt perto de, perto da, perto do, perto das, perto dos, próximo de, próximo da, próximo do, próximo das, próximo dos
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br perto de, próximo a
Russian ru возле, около, рядом с, у, близ
Slovak sk blízko, pri, v blízkosti, nedaleko
Slovenian sl blizu, pri, v bližini
Spanish es cerca, cerca de, cercano a, próximo a
Swedish sv vid, nära, i närheten av, bredvid, omkring
Turkish tr yakın, yakınlarında, civarında, yanında
Vietnamese vi gần


(don't bother listing it if a comma is the natural separator in your language too)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s)
َArabic ar ،
English en ,
Japanese ja


Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s)
Arabic ar في
Asturian ast en
Catalan ca a, dins, en
Danish dk i
Dutch nl in, te
English en in
French fr à, en, dans
German de in
Hebrew he ב (note that this letter is not separated from the next word)
Hungarian hu itt:
Italian it in, a, ad
Japanese ja に, で, にて
Kurdish ku li
Polish pl w
Portuguese pt em, no, na, nos, nas
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br em
Russian ru в
Slovak sk v
Slovenian sl v
Spanish es en, dentro de
Swedish sv i, på
Turkish tr 'de, 'da
Vietnamese vi ở, tại, thuộc

Points of interest

(feel free to add new categories as well as translations for ones already listed)

Hotel (tourism=hotel)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar فندق فنادق
Asturian ast hotel hoteles
Catalan ca hotel hotels
Czech cs hotel hotely
Danish dk hotel hoteller
Dutch nl hotel hotels
English en hotel hotels
Finnish fi hotelli hotelleja, hotellit
French fr hôtel hôtels
German de Hotel Hotels
Hebrew he מלון מלונות
Hungarian hu szálloda, hotel szállodák, hotelek
Italian it hotel, albergo hotel, alberghi
Japanese ja ホテル
Polish pl hotel, hotelu hotele, hotelach
Portuguese pt hotel hotéis
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br hotel hotéis
Russian ru отель, гостиница гостиницы, отели
Slovak sk hotel hotely
Slovenian sl hotel hoteli
Spanish es hotel hoteles
Swedish sv hotell hotell
Turkish tr hotel, otel hoteller, oteller
Vietnamese vi khách sạn, KS

Motel (tourism=motel)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar نزل نزل
Asturian ast motel moteles
Catalan ca motel motels
Czech cs motel motely
Danish dk motel moteller
Dutch nl motel motels
English en motel motels
Finnish fi motelli motellit, motelleja
German de Motel Motels
Hungarian hu panzió, motel panziók, motelek
Italian it motel motel
Japanese ja モーテル Note that motel could mean lovers’ inn, or a daytime stay, rather than motor hotel.
Polish pl motel, motelu motele, moteli, motelach
Portuguese pt motel motéis
Russian ru мотель мотели
Slovak sk motel motely
Slovenian sl motel moteli
Spanish es motel moteles
Swedish sv motell motell
Turkish tr motel moteller
Vietnamese vi khách sạn, KS

Guest house (tourism=guest_house)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar بيت ضيافة بيوت ضيافة
Asturian ast pensión pensiones
Catalan ca pensió pensions
Czech cs penzion penziony
Danish dk pension pensioner
Dutch nl pension pensions
English en guest house guest houses
French fr chambre d'hôte, gîte chambres d'hôtes, gîtes
German de Pension, Gasthaus Pensionen, Gasthäuser
Hungarian hu vendégház vendégházak
Italian it pensione pensioni
Japanese ja ペンション
Polish pl kwatera kwatery
Russian ru пансион, пансионат пансионы, пансионаты
Slovak sk penzión penzióny
Spanish es pensión, hostería, hostal pensiones, hosterías, hostales
Swedish sv värdshus, pensionat värdshus, pensionat
Turkish tr pansiyon, konukevi pansiyonlar, konukevleri
Vietnamese vi nhà khách

Hostel (tourism=hostel)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مسكن للشباب مساكن للشاب
Asturian ast albergue albergues
Catalan ca alberg albergs
Czech cs ubytovna, hostel ubytovny, hostely
Danish dk vandrerhjem, hostel
Dutch nl jeugdherberg jeugdherbergen
English en hostel hostels
Finnish fi hostelli hostelleja, hostellit
French fr auberge de jeunesse auberges de jeunesse
German de Jugendherberge Jugendherbergen
Hungarian hu diákszálló diákszállók
Italian it ostello ostelli
Polish pl hostel, schronisko hostele, schroniska
Russian ru хостел хостелы
Slovak sk ubytovňa ubytovne
Spanish es albergue albergues
Swedish sv vandrarhem vandrarhem
Vietnamese vi nhà trọ

Accommodation (tourism=hostel/hotel/guest_house/motel/bed_and_breakfast)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar منتجع منتجعات
Asturian ast agospiamientu agospiamientos
Catalan ca allotjament allotjaments
Czech cs ubytování ubytování
Danish dk indkvartering
Dutch nl accomodatie, verblijfplaats accomodaties, verblijfplaatsen
English en accommodation
Finnish fi majoitus, majoitusta majoituspaikkoja, majoituspalveluita
French fr hébergement hébergements
German de Unterkunft, Herberge Unterkünfte, Herbergen
Hungarian hu szállás szállások
Italian it posto letto posti letto
Japanese ja 宿泊施設、宿、お宿
Polish pl nocleg, zakwaterowanie
Portuguese pt alojamento alojamentos
Slovak sk ubytovanie ubytovanie
Spanish es alojamiento alojamientos
Swedish se logi, boende
Turkish tr konaklama
Russian ru жильё

Camp site (tourism=camp_site)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مخيم مخيمات
Asturian ast camping, área d'acampada, llugar d'acampada campings, árees d'acampada, llugares d'acampada
Catalan ca càmping, lloc d'acampada, terreny d'acampada càmpings, llocs d'acampada, terrenys d'acampada
Czech cs kempink, kemping, kemp, tábořiště kempinky, kempingy, kempy, tábořiště
Danish dk camping, campingplads campings, campingpladser
Dutch nl camping, kampeerplaats, kampeerterrein campings, kampeerplaatsen, kampeerterreinen
English en camp site, camping site camp sites, camping sites
Finnish fi telttailualue, leirintäalue telttailualueita, telttailualueet, leirintäalueita, leirintäalueet
French fr camping, terrain de camping campings, terrains de camping
German de Campingplatz, Zeltplatz Campingplätze, Zeltplätze
Hungarian hu kemping kempingek
Italian it campeggio, camping campeggi
Japanese ja キャンプ場
Polish pl kamping, kemping, camping kampingi, kempingi, campingi
portuguese pt parque de campismo parques de campismo
Slovak sk kemping, kemp, táborisko kempingy, kempy, táboriská
Spanish es camping, lugar de acampada campings, lugares de acampada
Swedish sv tältplats, camping tältplatser, camping
Turkish tr camping, kamping
Russian ru кемпинг, кэмпинг кемпинги, кэмпинги
Vietnamese vi nơi cắm trại

Caravan site (tourism=caravan_site)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar موقف قافلة مواقف للقافلات
Asturian ast área de caravanes, área pa caravanes árees de caravanes, árees pa caravanes
Czech cs autokemping, autokempink, autokemp autokepingy, autokepminky, autokempy
Dutch nl camperplaats camperplaatsen
English en caravan site caravan sites
Finnish fi asuntovaunualue asuntovaunualueet, asuntovaunualueita
French fr aire de caravane, aire pour caravane, aire pour caravanes aires de caravanes, aires pour caravanes
German de Wohnwagenplatz Wohnwagenplätze
Italian it parcheggio per camper parcheggi per camper
Japanese ja オートキャンプ場
Slovak sk autokemping, autokemp autokepingy, autokempy
Spanish es área de autocaravanas, área de servicio de autocaravanas áreas de autocaravanas, áreas de servicio de autocaravanas
Swedish sv husvagnscamping, husvagnsplats husvagnscampingplatser, husvagnsplatser
Hungarian hu lakókocsitábor lakókocsitáborok

Castle (historic=castle)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar حصن,قصر,قلعة حصون,قصور,قلاع
Asturian ast castiellu castiellos
Catalan ca castell castells
Czech cs zámek, hrad zámky, hrady
Danish dk slot, borg, fæstning slotte, borge, fæstninger
Dutch nl kasteel kastelen
English en castle castles
Finnish fi linna linnoja, linnat
French fr château châteaux
German de Burg, Schloss Burgen, Schlösser
Hungarian hu vár, kastély várak, kastélyok
Italian it castello castelli
Japanese ja
Polish pl zamek zamki
Portuguese pt castelo castelos
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br castelo castelos
Russian ru замок замки
Slovak sk zámok, hrad zámky, hrady
Slovenian sl grad gradovi
Spanish es castillo castillos
Swedish sv slott, borg, fästning slott, borgar, fästningar
Turkish tr kale kaleler
Vietnamese vi lâu đài

Ruins (historic=ruins)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar أطلال أطلال
Asturian ast ruina ruines
Czech cs zřícenina zříceniny
Dutch nl ruïne ruïnes/ruïnen
Danish dk ruïn ruïner
English en ruin ruins
Finnish fi raunio rauniot, raunioita
French fr ruine ruines
German de Ruine Ruinen
Hungarian hu rom romok
Italian it rovina rovine
Japanese ja 廃墟, 遺構
Polish pl ruina ruiny, ruin
Slovak sk zrúcanina, ruina zrúcaniny, ruiny
Slovenian sl ruševnina, podrtija ruševine, podrtije
Spanish es ruina ruinas
Swedish sv ruin ruiner
Turkish tr harabe harabeler
Portuguese pt ruína ruínas
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br ruína ruínas
Russian ru развалины, руины
Vietnamese vi tàn tích

Monument (historic=monument)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar نصب تذكاري نصب تذكاري
Asturian ast monumentu monumentos
Catalan ca monument monuments
Czech cs památník památníky
Danish dk monument monumenter
Dutch nl monument monumenten
English en monument monuments
Finnish fi muistomerkki, patsas, monumentti muistomerkit, muistomerkkejä, patsaat, patsaita, monumentit, monumentteja
German de Mahnmal, Denkmal, Monument Mahnmale, Mahnmäler, Denkmale, Denkmäler, Monumente
Hungarian hu emlékmű emlékművek
Italian it monumento monumenti
Japanese ja 記念堂
Polish pl zabytek zabytki
Portuguese pt monumento monumentos
Russian ru памятник памятники
Slovak sk pamätník pamätníky
Spanish es monumento monumentos
Swedish sv monument monument
Turkish tr anıt anıtlar
Vietnamese vi đài kỷ niệm, đài kỉ niệm

Memorial (historic=memorial)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مقبرة تذكارية مقابر تذكارية
Asturian ast alcordanza alcordances
Czech cs pomník pomníky
Danish dk mindesmærke mindesmærker
Dutch nl gedenkteken gedenktekens
English en memorial memorial
Finnish fi muistomerkki muistomerkit, muistomerkkejä
French fr mémorial mémoriaux
German de Gedenkstätte Gedenkstätten
Hungarian hu szobor, emléktábla szobrok, emléktáblák
Italian it memoriale memoriali
Japanese ja 記念碑
Polish pl pomnik pomniki
Slovak sk pomník pomníky
Spanish es memorial memoriales
Swedish sv minnesmärke minnesmärken
Slovenian sl spomenik, obeležje spomeniki, obeležja
Russian ru мемориал мемориалы
Vietnamese vi ¥

Museum (historic=museum)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar متحف متاحف
Asturian ast muséu museos
Czech cs muzeum muzea
Danish nl museum museer
Dutch nl museum musea/museums
English en museum museum
Finnish fi museo museot, museoita
French fr musée musées
German de Museum Museen
Italian it museo musei
Japanese ja 博物館
Polish pl muzeum muzea
Slovak sk múzeum múzeá
Slovenian sl muzej muzeji
Spanish es museo museos
Swedish sv museum museer
Turkish tr müze müzeler
Portuguese pt museu museus
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br museu museus
Russian ru музей музеи
Hungarian hu múzeum múzeumok
Vietnamese vi bảo tàng, viện bảo tàng

Railway station (railway=station/halt)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
American English en_us train station, railroad station train stations, railroad stations
Arabic ar محطة قطار محطات قطار
Asturian ast estación, estación de tren, apeaderu estaciones, estaciones de tren, apeaderos
Czech cs železniční stanice, stanice, nádraží, zastávka, železniční zastávka, vlaková zastávka železniční stanice, stanice, nádraží, zastávky, železniční zastávky, vlakové zastávky
Danish dk station, banegård stationer, banegårde
Dutch nl station, treinstation, stopplaats stations, treinstations, stopplaatsen
English en railway station, station railway stations, stations
Finnish fi juna-asema, rautatieasema juna-asemat, rautatieasemat, juna-asemia, rautatieasemoita
French fr gare, arrêt gares, arrêts
German de Bahnhof/Haltepunkt Bahnhöfe/Haltepunkte
Hungarian hu vasútállomás vasútállomások
Italian it stazione ferroviaria, stazione stazioni ferroviarie, stazioni
Japanese ja 鉄道駅, 駅
Polish pl stacja, stacji, dworzec, dworca stacje, stacjach, dworce
Portuguese pt estação ferroviária, estação de comboios, estação dos caminhos de ferro, estação da CP, estação estações ferroviárias, estações de comboios, estações dos caminhos de ferro, estações da CP, estações
Slovak sk železničná stanica, stanica železničné stanice, stanice
Slovenian sl železniška postaja železniške postaje
Spanish es estación, estación de tren, estación de ferrocarril, apeadero estaciones, estaciones de tren, estaciones de ferrocarril, apeaderos
Swedish sv järnvägsstation/hållplats (note: the simple form merges with the simple form for bus stop), järnvägsstationer/hållplatser
Turkish tr gar, istasyon garlar, istasyonlar
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br estação de trem, estação de trens estações de trem, estações de trens
Russian ru вокзал вокзалы
Vietnamese vi nhà ga, ga

Airport (aeroway=aerodrome/airport)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مطار مطارات
Asturian ast aeropuertu, aeródromu aeropuertos, aeródromos
Catalan ca aeroport, aeròdrom aeroports, aeròdroms
Czech cs letiště letiště
Danish dk lufthavn, flyveplads lufthavne, flyvepladser
Dutch nl luchthaven, vliegveld, vlieghaven luchthavens, vliegvelden, vlieghavens
English en airport airports
Finnish fi lentokenttä lentokenttiä, lentokentät
French fr aéroport aéroports
German de Flughafen, Flugplatz Flughäfen, Flugplätze
Hungarian hu repülőtér, reptér repülőterek, repterek
Italian it aeroporto aeroporti
Japanese ja 空港
Polish pl lotnisko, port lotniczy lotniska, porty lotnicze
Portuguese pt aeroporto, aeródromo aeroportos, aeródromos
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br aeroporto aeroportos
Russian ru аэропорт аэропорты
Slovak sk letisko letiská
Slovenian sl letališče letališča
Spanish es aeropuerto, aeródromo aeropuertos, aeródromos
Swedish sv flygplats flygplatser
Turkish tr havaalanı havaalanları
Vietnamese vi sân bay, phi trường

Hamlet (place=hamlet)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مجمع بيوت مجامع بيوت
Asturian ast aldea aldees
Catalan ca barri, barriada barris, barriades
Czech cs samota, osada samoty, osady
Dutch nl gehucht gehuchten
English en hamlet hamlets
Hungarian hu kisfalu, község kisfalvak, községek
Russian ru деревня деревни
Polish pl osada, przysiółek osady, przysiółki
Portuguese pt lugar, aldeola lugares, aldeolas
Spanish es barrio, aldea barrios, aldeas
Swedish se småort småorter
Vietnamese vi xóm

Village (place=village)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar قرية قرى
Asturian ast pueblu pueblos
Czech cs vesnice, ves, obec, městys vesnice, vsi, obce, městyse
Danish dk landsby landsbyer
Dutch nl dorp dorpen
English en village villages
Finnish fi kylä kylät, kyliä
German de Dorf Dörfer
Hungarian hu falu, nagyközség falvak, nagyközségek
Italian it villaggio villaggi
Japanese ja
Polish pl wieś, wioska wsie, wioski
Portuguese pt aldeia aldeias
Slovak sk dedina, obec dediny, obce
Slovenian sl vas vasi
Spanish es pueblo pueblos
Swedish sv tätort tätorter
Turkish tr köy, köyü, kasaba, kasabası, belde, beldesi köyler, köyleri, kasabalar, kasabaları
Russian ru село сёла
Vietnamese vi làng

Town (place=town/small_town)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar بلدة بلدات
Asturian ast villa villes
Czech cs město města
Danish dk by byer
Dutch nl stad steden
English en town towns
Finnish fi kunta kunnat, kuntia
French fr ville villes
German de Stadt Städte
Hungarian hu város városok
Italian it paese paesi
Japanese ja
Polish pl miasteczko miasteczka
Portuguese pt vila vilas
Slovak sk mesto, mestečko mestá, mestečká
Slovenian sl mestece, mesto mesteca, mesta
Spanish es ciudad ciudades
Swedish se stad städer
Turkish tr ilçe,ilçesi ilçeler, ilçeleri
Russian ru город города
Vietnamese vi thị xã, TX

City (place=city)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مدينة مدن
Asturian ast ciudá ciudaes
Czech cs město města
Danish dk storby storbyer
Dutch nl stad steden
English en city cities
Finnish fi kaupunki kaupungit, kaupunkeja
French fr ville, cité villes, cités
German de Stadt, Großstadt Städte, Großstädte
Hungarian hu nagyváros, megyei jogú város nagyvárosok, megyei jogú városok
Italian it città città
Japanese ja
Polish pl miasto miasta
Portuguese pt cidade cidades
Slovak sk veľkomesto, mesto veľkomestá, mestá
Slovenian sl velemesto, mesto velemesta, mesta
Spanish es ciudad ciudades
Swedish sv storstad storstäder
Turkish tr şehir, sehri şehirler, sehirleri
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br cidade cidades
Russian ru город города
Vietnamese vi thành phố, TP

Place (place=hamlet/village/town/small_town/city)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مكان أماكن
Asturian ast llocalidá llocalidaes
Czech cs obec, sídlo obce, sídla
Danish dk sted steder
Dutch nl plaats plaatsen
English en place places
French fr localité localités
German de Ort Orte
Hungarian hu település települések
Italian it località località
Polish pl miejscowość miejscowości
Portuguese pt localidade localidades
Slovak sk miesto miesta
Spanish es localidad localidades
Swedish sv ort, plats orter, platser
Russian ru место, местность места, местности
Vietnamese vi địa phương, địa điểm, nơi

Post office (amenity=post_office)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مكتب بريد مكاتب بريد
Asturian ast oficina de correos, corréu oficines de correos, correos
Catalan ca oficina de correus, correu oficines de correu, correus
Czech cs pošta pošty
Danish dk postkontor postkontore
Dutch nl post, postkantoor ---, postkantoren
English en post office post offices
Finnish fi posti, postitoimisto postit, posteja, postitoimistot, postitoimistoja
French fr poste, bureau de poste postes, bureaux de poste
German de Post, Postamt ---, Postämter
Hungarian hu posta posták
Italian it posta, ufficio postale poste, uffici postali
Japanese ja 郵便局
Polish pl poczta, urząd pocztowy poczty, urzędy pocztowe
Portuguese pt posto de correios, estação de correios, estação dos correios, correio postos de correios, estações de correios, estações dos correios, correios
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br correios
Russian ru почта, почтовое отделение почтовые отделения
Slovak sk pošta pošty
Spanish es correo, oficina de correos correos, oficinas de correos
Swedish sv post, postkontor postkontor
Turkish tr postane postaneler, postaneleri
Vietnamese vi nhà bưu điện, bưu điện

Fuel (amenity=fuel)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar محطة وقود محطات وقود
Asturian ast gasolinera, estación de serviciu gasolineres, estaciones de serviciu
Catalan ca benzinera, gasolinera, estació de servei benzineres, gasolineres, estacions de servei
Czech cs benzínová stanice, čerpací stanice, benzínka, benzín benzínové stanice, čerpací stanice, benzínky, benzín
Danish dk tankstation, benzinstation tankstationer, benzinstationer
Dutch nl tankstation, benzinestation tankstations, benzinestations
English en fuel, petrol station, gas station petrol stations, gas stations
Finnish fi huoltoasema, bensa-asema, bensaa huoltoasemat, bensa-asemat, bensaa
French fr station essence, station d'essence, station service stations essence, stations d'essence, stations service
German de Tankstelle Tankstellen
Hungarian hu benzinkút benzinkutak
Italian it benzinaio, stazione di rifornimento benzinai, stazioni di rifornimento
Japanese ja ガソリンスタンド
Polish pl paliwo, stacja benzynowa, stacja paliw stacje benzynowe, stacje paliw
Portuguese pt posto de abastecimento, posto de combustível, estação de serviço postos de abastecimento, postos de combustível, estações de serviço
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br posto de gasolina, gasolina, combustível, abastecimento postos de gasolina
Russian ru заправка, бензин, топливо, АЗС заправки
Slovak sk čerpacia stanica, bezínka, čerpačka čerpacie stanice, benzínky, čerpačky
Spanish es gasolinera, estación de servicio gasolineras, estaciones de servicio
Swedish sv mack, bensinstation bensinstationer, mackar
Turkish tr benzin istasyonu benzin istasyonları
Vietnamese vi cây xăng, cột xăng, xăng

Supermarket (amenity=supermarket or shop=supermarket)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar سوق مركزي, مركب تجاري أسواق مركزية, مركبات تجارية
Asturian ast supermercáu supermercaos
Catalan ca supermercat supermercats
Czech cs supermarket, hypermarket supermarkety, hypermarkety
Danish dk supermarked supermarkeder
Dutch nl supermarkt supermarkten
English en supermarket supermarkets
Finnish fi supermarketti supermarketteja, supermarketit
French fr supermarché, hypermarché, grande surface supermarchés, hypermarchés, grandes surfaces
German de Supermarkt Supermärkte
Hungarian hu élelmiszerbolt, szupermarket élelmiszerboltok, szupermarketek
Italian it supermercato supermercati
Japanese ja スーパー, スーパーマーケット
Polish pl supermarket supermarkety
Portuguese pt supermercado supermercados
Slovak sk supermarket, nákupné centrum, nákupné stredisko supermarkety, nákupné centrá, nákupné strediská
Spanish es supermercado supermercados
Swedish sv snabbköp, stormarknad, matvaruaffär snabbköp, stormarknader, matvaruaffärer
Turkish tr süpermarket süpermarketler, süpermarketleri
Russian ru супермаркет супермаркеты
Vietnamese vi siêu thị, chợ

Pharmacy (amenity=pharmacy or shop=pharmacy)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar صيدلية صيدليات
Asturian ast farmacia farmacies
Catalan ca farmàcia farmàcies
Czech cs lékárna lékárny
Danish dk apotek apoteker
Dutch nl apotheek, apotheker apotheken, apothekers
English en pharmacy, chemist pharmacies, chemists
Finnish fi apteekki apteekit, apteekkeja
French fr pharmacie pharmacies
German de Apotheke Apotheken
Hungarian hu gyógyszertár, patika gyógyszertárak, patikák
Italian it farmacia farmacie
Japanese ja 薬局
Polish pl apteka apteki
Portuguese pt farmácia farmácias
Russian ru аптека аптеки
Slovak sk lekáreň lekárne
Spanish es farmacia farmacias
Swedish sv apotek apotek
Turkish tr eczane eczaneler, eczaneleri
Ukrainian uk аптека аптеки
Vietnamese vi tiệm thuốc, nhà thuốc

Shop (shop=<anything>)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar حانوت, دكان, متجر حوانيت, دكاكين, متاجر
Asturian ast tienda, negociu, comerciu tiendes, negocios, comercios
Catalan ca botiga, comerç, negoci botiga, comerços, negocis
Czech cs obchod obchody
Danish dk butik butikker
Dutch nl winkel winkels
English en shop shops
Finnish fi kauppa kaupat, kauppoja
French fr magasin, boutique, commerce magasins, boutiques, commerces
German de Geschäft, Laden Geschäfte, Läden
Hungarian hu bolt, üzlet boltok, üzletek
Italian it negozio negozi
Japanese ja 店舗, 店
Polish pl sklep sklepy, usługi
Portuguese pt loja lojas
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_br loja lojas
Russian ru магазин магазины
Slovak sk predajňa, obchod predajne, obchody
Spanish es tienda, negocio tiendas, negocios
Swedish sv affär, butik affärer, butiker
Ukrainian uk магазин магазини
Turkish tr dükkan dükkanlar, dükkanları
Vietnamese vi tiệm, cửa hàng

Hospital (amenity=hospital)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مستشفى مستشفيات
Asturian ast hospital hospitales
Catalan cs hospital hospitals
Czech cs nemocnice nemocnice
Danish dk hospital, sygehus hospitaler, sygehuse
Dutch nl ziekenhuis, hospitaal ziekenhuizen, hospitaals
English en hospital hospitals
Finnish fi sairaala sairaalat
French fr hôpital hôpitaux
German de Krankenhaus, Hospital Krankenhäuser, Hospitäle
Hungarian hu kórház kórházak
Italian it ospedale ospedali
Japanese ja 病院
Polish pl szpital szpitale
Portuguese pt hospital hospitais
Russian ru больница, госпиталь больницы, госпиталя
Slovak sk nemocnica nemocnice
Spanish es hospital hospitales
Swedish sv sjukhus, lasarett sjukhus, lasarett
Turkish tr hastane hastaneler, hastaneleri
Vietnamese vi bệnh viện, nhà thương

Police (amenity=police)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
American English en_us police department
Arabic ar مركز شرطة مراكز شرطة
Asturian ast policía, comisaría comisaríes
Catalan ca policia, comissaria policies, comissaries
Czech cs policie policie
Danish dk politi, politistation politistationer
Dutch nl politie, politiekantoor, politiebureau ---, politiekantoren, politiebureaus
English en police, police station police stations
Finnish fi poliisiasema, poliisi poliisiasemat
French fr police, bureau de police, gendarmerie, commissariat de police polices, bureaux de police, gendarmeries, commissariats de police
German de Polizei, Polizeistation (Polizeien), Polizeistationen
Hungarian hu rendőrség rendőrség
Italian it commissariato, commissariato di Polizia, stazione dei Carabinieri commissariati, commissariati di Polizia, stazioni dei Carabinieri, Polizia, Carabinieri
Japanese ja 警察署, 交番, 駐在所, 派出所
Polish pl policja, straż miejska, komisariat, komenda komisariaty, komendy
Portuguese pt esquadra da polícia, esquadra, policía esquadras da polícia, esquadras
Russian ru милиция, полиция, полицейский участок, опорный пункт
Slovak sk policajná stanica, polícia policajné stanice
Spanish es policía, comisaría comisarías
Swedish sv polis, polisstation polisstationer
Turkish tr polis , jandarma
Vietnamese vi nhà cảnh sát, đồn cảnh sát, cảnh sát

Fire (amenity=fire_station)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
American English en_us fire department
Arabic ar فوج إطفاء أفواج إطفاء
Asturian ast bomberos, parque de bomberos parques de bomberos
Catalan ca bombers, estació de bombers bombers, estacions de bombers
Czech cs hasiči, hasičská zbrojnice hasiči, hasičské zbrojnice
Danish dk brandstation brandstationer
Dutch nl brandweer, brandweerkazerne ---, brandweerkazernes
English en fire station fire stations
Finnish fi pelastusasema, paloasema pelastusasemat, paloasemat
French fr pompier, sapeur-pompier, caserne de pompier pompiers, sapeur-pompiers, casernes de pompier
German de Feuerwehr Feuerwehren
Hungarian hu tűzoltóság tűzoltóság
Italian it pompiere, Vigile del Fuoco pompieri, Vigili del Fuoco
Japanese ja 消防署
Polish pl straż pożarna, remiza straże pożarne, remizy
Portuguese pt quartel de bombeiros, bombeiros quartéis de bombeiros, bombeiros
Russian ru пожарники, пожарное депо пожарные депо
Slovak sk požiarnici, hasiči, hasičská stanica, požiarna zbrojnica, hasičská zbrojnica požiarnici, hasiči, hasičské stanice, požiarne zbrojnice, hasičské zbrojnice
Spanish es parque de bomberos parques de bomberos
Swedish sv brandstation, räddningsstation brandstationer, räddningsstationer
Turkish tr itfaye itfayeler
Vietnamese vi trạm cứu hỏa, cứu hỏa

Bus station (amenity=bus_station)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar محطة للحافلات محطات للحافلات
Asturian ast estación d'autobuses estaciones d'autobuses
Catalan ca estació d'autobusos estacions d'autobusos
Czech cs autobusové nádraží autobusové nádraží
Danish dk busstation busstationer
Dutch nl busstation, bushalte busstations, bushalten/bushaltes
English en bus station bus stations
Finnish fi linja-autoasema, bussiterminaali linja-autoasemat, bussiterminaalit
French fr gare routière, gare de bus, gare d'autobus, gare omnibus, gare d'omnibus gares routières, gares de bus, gares d'autobus, gares omnibus, gares d'omnibus
German de Busbahnhof Busbahnhöfe
Hungarian hu autóbuszállomás autóbuszállomások
Italian it stazione d'autobus stazioni d'autobus
Japanese ja バスターミナル
Polish pl stacja, dworzec autobusowy, PKS stacje, dworce autobusowe, PKSy
Portuguese pt estação de autocarros, estação rodoviária estações de autocarros, estações rodoviárias
Russian ru автовокзал автовокзалы
Slovak sk autobusová zastávka, zastávka autobusové zastávky, zastávky
Spanish es estación de autobuses, estación de ómnibus estaciones de autobuses, estaciones de ómnibus
Swedish sv busstation, bussterminal busstationer, bussterminaler
Turkish tr otogar otagarlar, otagarları
Vietnamese vi trạm xe buýt

Bus stop (highway=bus_stop)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar موقف حافلات مواقف حافلات
Asturian ast parada d'autobús, parada de bus paraes d'autobús, paraes de bus
Catalan ca parada d'autobús, parada de bus parades d'autobús, parades de bus
Czech cs autobusová zastávka autobusové zastávky
Danish dk busstoppested busstoppesteder
Dutch nl bushalte bushaltes/bushalten
English en bus stop bus stops
Finnish fi bussipysäkki, pysäkki, linja-autopysäkki bussipysäkit, pysäkit, linja-autopysäkit
French fr arrêt de bus, station de bus arrêts de bus, stations de bus
German de Bushaltestelle Bushaltestellen
Hungarian hu buszmegálló buszmegállók
Italian it fermata dell'autobus fermate dell'autobus
Japanese ja バス停
Polish pl przystanek, autobus przystanki
Portuguese pt paragem de autocarros, paragem paragens de autocarros, paragens
Russian ru остановка остановки
Spanish es parada de autobuses, parada de ómnibus paradas de autobuses, paradas de ómnibus
Swedish sv hållplats (note: the simple form merges with the simple form for railway stop), busshållplats hållplatser, busshållplatser
Turkish tr otobüs durak, otobüs durağı otobüs durakları
Vietnamese vi chỗ đậu xe buýt, chỗ lên xe buýt

ATM (amenity=atm)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar صراف آلي صرافات آلية
Asturian ast caxeru, caxeru automáticu caxeros, caxeros automáticos
Catalan ca caixer, caixer automàtic caixers, caixers automàtics
Czech cs bankomat bankomaty
Danish dk pengeautomat pengeautomater
Dutch nl geldautomaat, bankautomaat geldautomaten, bankautomaten
English en ATM, cash machine atms, cash machines
Finnish fi pankkiautomaatti, automaatti, Otto, seinä pankkiautomaatit, Otot
French fr GAB, DAB, guichet automatique, distributeur automatique GABs, DABs, guichets automatiques, distributeurs automatiques
German de Geldautomat, Bankautomat Geldautomaten, Bankautomaten
Hungarian hu bankautomata, ATM bankautomaták, ATM-ek
Italian it bancomat bancomat
Japanese ja ATM
Polish pl bankomat bankomaty
Portuguese pt caixa multibanco, caixa de multibanco, caixa do multibanco, multibanco caixas multibanco, caixas de multibanco, caixas do multibanco, caixas multibancos, caixas de multibancos, caixas do multibancos, multibancos
Russian ru банкомат банкоматы
Slovak sk bankomat bankomaty
Slovenian sl bankomat bankomati
Spanish es cajero, cajero automático cajeros, cajeros automáticos
Swedish sv uttagsautomat, bankomat uttagsautomater, bankomater
Vietnamese vi máy rút tiền, máy rút tiền tự động, máy giao dịch, máy giao dịch tự động, ATM

Bank (amenity=bank, shop=bank)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مصرف مصارف
Asturian ast bancu, caxa bancos, caxes
Catalan ca banc, caixa bancs, caixes
Czech cs banka banky
Danish dk bank, sparekasse banker, sparekasser
Dutch nl bank banken
English en bank banks
Finnish fi pankki pankit
French fr banque, agence bancaire banques, agences bancaires
German de Bank Banken
Hungarian hu bank bankok
Italian it banca banche
Japanese ja 銀行
Polish pl bank banki
Portuguese pt banco, agência bancária bancos, agências bancárias
Russian ru банк банки
Slovak sk banka banky
Slovenian sl banka banke
Spanish es banco bancos
Swedish sv bank banker
Turkish tr banka, bankası bankalar
Vietnamese vi ngân hàng, nhà băng

Church (amenity=place_of_worship + religion=christian)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar كنيسة كنائس
Asturian ast ilesia, catedral, capiella, ermita ilesies, catedrales, capielles, ermites
Catalan ca església, catedral, capella, ermita esglésies, catedrals, capelles, ermites
Czech cs kostel kostely
Danish dk kirke kirker
Dutch nl kerk kerken
English en church churches
Finnish fi kirkko kirkot
French fr église, cathédrale, temple églises, cathédrales, temples
German de Kirche Kirchen
Hungarian hu templom templomok
Italian it chiesa chiese
Japanese ja 教会
Polish pl kościół kościoły
Portuguese pt ingreja, igreija ingrejas, igreijas
Russian ru церковь, храм, приход церкви, храмы
Slovak sk kostol kostoly
Slovenian sl cerkev cerkve
Spanish es iglesia iglesias
Swedish sv kyrka kyrkor
Turkish tr kilise kiliseler
Vietnamese vi nhà thờ

Mosque (amenity=place_of_worship + religion=islam/muslim/moslem)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مسجد مساجد
Asturian ast mezquita mezquites
Catalan ca mesquita mesquites
Czech cs mešita mešity
Danish dk moske moskeer
Dutch nl moskee moskeeën
English en mosque mosques
Finnish fi moskeija moskeijat
French fr mosquée mosquées
German de Moschee Moscheen
Hungarian hu mecset mecsetek
Italian it moschea moschee
Japanese ja モスク
Polish pl meczet meczety
Portuguese pt mesquita mesquitas
Russian ru мечеть мечети
Slovak sk mešita mešity
Spanish es mezquita mezquitas
Swedish sv moské moskéer
Turkish tr cami, camii, camisi camiler
Vietnamese vi nhà thờ Hồi giáo, nhà thờ

School (amenity=school) primary or secondary education

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مدرسة مدارس
Asturian ast escuela, colexu, institutu escueles, colexos, institutos
Catalan ca escola, col·legi escoles, col·legis
Czech cs škola školy
Danish dk skole skoler
Dutch nl school scholen
English en school schools
Finnish fi koulu koulut
French fr école, collège, lycée écoles, collèges, lycées
German de Schule Schulen
Hungarian hu iskola, gimnázium iskolák, gimnáziumok
Italian it scuola scuole
Japanese ja 学校
Polish pl szkoła, gimnazjum szkoły, gimnazja
Portuguese pt escola primária, escola do ensino básico, escola básica do 2º e 3º ciclo, colégio escolas primárias, escolas do ensino básico, escolas básicas do 2º e 3º ciclo, colégios
Russian ru школа, лицей школы, лицеи
Slovak sk škola školy
Spanish es escuela, colegio escuelas, colegios
Swedish sv skola, grundskola skolor, grundskolor
Turkish tr okul okullar
Vietnamese vi nhà trường, trường học, trường

College (amenity=college) tertiary education, not university college

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar كلية كليات
Asturian ast escuela técnica, institutu técnicu escueles técniques, institutos técnicos
Catalan ca institut, ies, institut d'ensenyament secundari, instititut d'educació secundària instituts, ies, instituts d'ensenyament secundari, institituts d'educació secundària
Dutch nl hogeschool hogescholen
English en college colleges
German de College, Hochschule Colleges, Hochschulen
Hungarian hu főiskola főiskolák
Italian it scuola, scuola superiore, istituto tecnico, liceo scuole, scuole superiori, istituti tecnici, licei
Polish pl liceum licea
Portuguese pt escola secundária, liceu, colégio escolas secundárias, liceus, colégios
Russian ru колледж колледжи
Slovak sk internát, študentský domov internáty, študentské domovy
Spanish es instituto de enseñanza secundaria institutos de enseñanza secundaria
Swedish se gymnasium
Turkish tr lise, kolej, yüksek okul liseler, kolejler, yüksek okullar
Vietnamese vi trường cao đẳng, cao đẳng, CĐ

University (amenity=university) higher education

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar جامعة جامعات
Asturian ast universidá universidaes
Catalan ca universitat universitats
Czech cs univerzita, vysoká škola univerzity, vysoké školy
Danish dk universitet universiteter
Dutch nl universiteit universiteiten
English en university university
French fr université universités
German de Universität Universitäten
Hungarian hu egyetem egyetemek
Italian it università università
Japanese ja 大学
Finnish fi yliopisto yliopistot
Polish pl uczelnia, uniwersytet uczelnie, uniwersytety
Portuguese pt universidade, faculdade universidades, faculdades
Russian ru университет, институт университеты, институты
Slovak sk univerzita, vysoká škola univerzity, vysoké školy
Slovenian sl univerza univerze
Spanish es universidad universidades
Swedish sv universitet, högskola universitet, högskolor
Turkish tr üniversite üniversiteler
Vietnamese vi trường đại học, đại học, ĐH

Cinema (amenity=cinema)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
American English en_us theater, movie theater theaters, movie theaters
Arabic ar سينما سينما
Asturian ast cine cines
Catalan ca cine, cinema cines, cinemes
Czech cs kino kina
Danish dk biograf biografer
Dutch nl cinema, bioscoop cinema's, bioscopen
English en cinema cinemas
Finnish fi leffateatteri, elokuvateatteri leffateatterit, elokuvateatterit
French fr cinéma, ciné cinémas, cinés
German de Kino Kinos
Hungarian hu mozi mozik
Italian it cinema cinema
Japanese ja 映画館
Polish pl kino kina
Portuguese pt cinema cinemas
Russian ru кино, кинотеатр кинотеатры
Slovak sk kino kiná
Spanish es cine cines
Swedish sv bio, biograf biografer
Turkish tr sinema sinemalar
Vietnamese vi rạp phim, xi-nê

Theatre (amenity=theatre)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
American English en_us theater theaters
Arabic ar مسرح مسارح
Asturian ast teatru teatros
Catalan ca teatre teatres
Czech cs divadlo divadla
Danish dk teater teatre
Dutch nl theater theaters
English en theatre theatres
French fr théatre, théâtre théatres, théâtres
German de Theater Theater
Hungarian hu színház színházak
Italian it teatro teatri
Japanese ja 劇場
Finnish fi teatteri teatterit
Polish pl teatr teatry
Portuguese pt teatro teatros
Russian ru театр театры
Slovak sk divadlo divadlá
Spanish es teatro teatros
Swedish sv teater teatrar
Turkish tr tiyatro tiyatrolar
Vietnamese vi nhà hát

Parking (amenity=parking)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
American English en_us parking lot parking lots
Arabic ar موقف سيارات مواقف سيارات
Asturian ast aparcaderu, aparcamientu aparcaderos, aparcamientos
Catalan ca estacionamient, aparcament, pàrquing estacionamients, aparcaments, pàrquings
Czech cs parkoviště parkoviště
Danish dk parking, parkeringsplads parkeringspladser
Dutch nl parking, parkeerplaats parkings, parkeerplaatsen
English en parking parking
Finnish fi pysäköintialue, pysäköinti pysäköintialueet
French fr parking, place de stationnement parkings, places de stationnement
German de Parkplatz/Parkhaus Parkplätze/Parkhäuser
Hungarian hu parkoló parkolók
Italian it parcheggio parcheggi
Japanese ja 駐車場
Polish pl parking parkingi
Portuguese pt parque de estacionamento, estacionamento parques de estacionamento, estacionamentos
Russian ru стоянка, парковка, паркинг стоянки, парковки, паркинги
Slovak sk parkovisko parkoviská
Spanish es estacionamiento, aparcamiento estacionamientos, aparcamientos
Swedish sv parkering, parkeringsplats parkeringsplatser
Turkish tr park yeri park yerleri
Vietnamese vi bãi đậu xe, sân đậu xe, chỗ đậu xe

Bicycle Parking (amenity=bicycle_parking)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar موقف دراجات مواقف دراجات
Asturian ast aparcaderu de bicicletes, aparcamientu de bicicletes aparcaderos de bicicletes, aparcamientos de bicicletes
Catalan ca estacionament de bicicletes, aparcament de bicicletes, pàrquing de bicicletes estacionaments de bicicletes, aparcaments de bicicletes, pàrquings de bicicletes
Czech cs stojan na kola, cyklostojan, parkoviště pro kola stojany na kola, cyklostojany, parkoviště pro kola
Danish dk cykelparkeringsplads cykelparkeringspladser
Dutch nl fietsenstalling fietsenstallingen
English en bicycle parking, bike parking, cycle parking
Finnish fi pyöräparkki, pyöräteline pyöräparkit, pyörätelineet
French fr parking à vélos parkings à vélos
German de Fahrradparkplatz/Fahrradparkhaus Fahrradparkplätze/Fahrradparkhäuser
Hungarian hu kerékpártároló kerékpártárolók
Italian it parcheggio biciclette parcheggi biciclette
Japanese ja 駐輪場
Polish pl parking dla rowerów, stojak na rowery parkingi dla rowerów
Portuguese pt estacionamento de bicicletas estacionamentos de bicicletas
Spanish es estacionamiento de bicicletas, aparcamiento de bicicletas estacionamientos de bicicletas, aparcamientos de bicicletas
Swedish sv cykelparkering cykelparkeringsplatser
Vietnamese vi chỗ đậu xe đạp, bãi đậu xe đạp, cột đậu xe đạp

Café (amenity=cafe)

note: cafe (no accent) will also be searchable because of automatic de-accenting.

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مقهى مقاهي
Asturian ast café, cafetería cafés, cafeteríes
Catalan ca cafè, granja cafès, granges
Czech cs kavárna kavárny
Danish dk café caféer
Dutch nl café cafés
English en café cafés
Finnish fi kahvila kahvilat
French fr café, bistrot cafés, bistrots
German de Café, Kaffeehaus Cafés, Kaffeehäuser
Hungarian hu kávézó, café kávézók, cafék
Italian it bar bar
Japanese ja 喫茶店
Polish pl kawiarnia kawiarnie
Portuguese pt café, cafetaria cafés, cafetarias
Russian ru кафе
Slovak sk kaviareň kaviarne
Spanish es café, cafetería cafés, cafeterías
Swedish sv kafé, konditori kaféer, konditorier
Turkish tr kahve, cafe kahveler, cafeler
Vietnamese vi quán cà phê, tiệm cà phê

Restaurant (amenity=restaurant)

Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar مطعم مطاعم
Asturian ast restaurante restaurantes
Catalan ca restaurant restaurants
Czech cs restaurace restaurace
Danish dk restaurant restauranter
Dutch nl restaurant restaurants
English en restaurants restaurants
Finnish fi ravintola ravintolat
French fr restaurant restaurants
German de Restaurant Restaurants
Hungarian hu étterem éttermek
Italian it ristorante ristoranti
Japanese ja レストラン
Polish pl restauracja, zajazd restauracje, zajazdy
Portuguese pt restaurante restaurantes
Russian ru ресторан рестораны
Slovak sk reštaurácia reštaurácie
Spanish es restaurante restaurantes
Swedish sv restaurang restauranger
Turkish tr restaurant, restoran, lokanta restaurant, restoranlar, lokantalar
Vietnamese vi nhà hàng, quán ăn, tiệm ăn


Language Language code Word(s) or phrase(s) Plural(s)
Arabic ar حانة حانات
Asturian ast pub, bar pubs, bares
Catalan ca pub, bar, granja pubs, bars, granges
Czech cs hospoda,hostinec hospody,hostince
Danish dk pub, bar, værtshus pubbe, barer, værtshuse
Dutch nl café cafés
English en pub, bar pubs, bars
Finnish fi baari, pubi, räkälä baarit, baareja, pubit, pubeja, räkälät
French fr pub, bar, bistrot pubs, bars, bistrots
German de Kneipe, Gaststätte Kneipen, Gaststätten
Hungarian hu kocsma, söröző kocsmák, sörözők
Japanese ja 居酒屋, パブ
Polish pl pub, pab, bar puby, paby, bary
Portuguese pt bar bares
Russian ru бар, паб бары, пабы
Slovak sk pub, bar, podnik bary, podniky
Spanish es pub, bar pubs, bares
Swedish sv pub, bar, krog pubar, barer, krogar
Turkish tr bar, birahane barlar, birahaneler
Vietnamese vi quán rượu, tiệm rượu