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The goal of this project is to give users information why map features has their name. As opposed to Key:Wikipedia, the features might have no real connection to the linked objects.

see Key:name:etymology:wikidata for a more OSM friendly implementation.


  • street named "Bratislava street" would link to city of Bratislava (even though the street itself is in different city)
  • "Johann Sebastian Bach street" would link to this author (even though he might have never been at this place)
  • "29th August street" would link the memorial day


Parsing street names and linking them to wikipedia articles. Simple web map interface.

For small areas and languages a bruteforce approach should work. Downloading a OSM country extract in a DB, downloading wikipedia extract to a DB. Checking for each street name if it has a similarly named wikipedia article which is a person (or the other way around).

Maybe use tag like "wikipedianamedafter:lang=..." on OSM elements


  • two very big databases
  • many languages
  • inflection of words in many languages
  • ambiguous names ("Bach street" versus many Bachs in wikipedia)
  • many names for one articles (streets "SNP", "Slovenského národného povstania" and "29th august" should link to SNP, see for all different street names)
  • some streets have too historical names ("Shopping street", "Hat street") or too simple names ("Narrow street", "Short street", "Main square") which probably do not deserve this popup
  • false positives (eg a street and a city being named after the same thing, but the city is dominant in wikipedia)
  • ...

Typical elements

  • streets
  • squares
  • bridges
  • maybe monuments

Named after

  • people
  • other geographical elements
  • historical events

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