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Naturbase is a database from the Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljødirektoratet) containing information about protection areas (national park, nature reserves and others), habitats and recreation areas.

More information at:

Permission to use data

Permission to use the data is clear from the license, as well as verified in e-mail with case number 09/9980–1. The e-mail is in Norwegian and archived in the Norwegian mailing list [1].

The Naturbase dataset Naturvernområder is released under Norsk lisens for offentlige data (NLOD) v1.0: [2]; [3]

For the Naturbase dataset Naturvernområder, Miljødirektoratet requests the following attribution: Kilde: Direktoratet for naturforvaltning. For the other datasets, Miljødirektoratet requests the following attribution: Kilde: Miljødirektoratet.

Downloading data

Downloading from the Naturbase WMS client

Data are available for download from the Naturbase WMS client. The download icon is in the toolbar to the right, and one of the Naturbase layers must be selected for download to work. All data are available in Shape format, using UTM projections. For best result, use the appropiate UTM zone for the region you are downloading.

You must fill in your name to download data, as well as the purpose of the download. Please state that you are downloading for use in OpenStreetMap when downloading datasets.

Downloading from the map catalogue

Data are also available for download from the map catalogue (without using the WMS client): [4]


All data are also available as WMS services from the official Naturbase site. WMS link is given as "Server URL" and a WMS client is available from the links marked "Innsynsløsninger".


Dataset Description Import status
Foreslåtte naturvernområder Proposed protection
Helhetlige kulturlandskap Valuable cultural landscapes
Naturvernområder Protected areas (polygon) and objects (points) National parks complete
Statlig sikra friluftslivsområder
Utvalgte naturtyper



For the Naturbase dataset Naturvernområder, changsets should be tagged with attribution=Direktoratet for naturforvaltning as well as source=Naturbase.

For other datasets from Naturbase, changesets should be tagged with attribution=Miljødirektoratet as well as source=Naturbase.

Naturbase properties

Naturbase properties should have a naturbase: prefix.

Naturbase IDs are called iid, and should be stored as naturbase:iid=*.

Protected areas

See naturvern and kulturminner for tagging scheme.

To be decided: Relations for boundaries.

Other datasets from Miljødirektoratet

Miljødirektoratet has released several other datasets from other sources than Naturbase. They are available for download from the map catalogue: [5]