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Navigon Urban
Navigon urban screenshot.jpg
Author: Navigon/Garmin
License: Proprietary (4.99€)
Platform: iPhone
Status: Broken
Version: 1.2.1 (2013-06-11)
Languages: German and English

Offline router esp. for pedestrians/cyclists

Navigon Urban is an online-navigation app made by NAVIGON - a GARMIN company.

This app comes with OSM dataset for Germany and it is optimized esp. for pedestrian and cyclists in cities. Pedestrian Routing with voice guidance can also be used by blind people. The Navigon Urban v1.1 app is ~470MB.

You can buy additional features (in-apps):

  • 3D perspective (Panorama View)


  • onboard navigation with OSM-Data
  • navigation especially for pedestrian and cyclists
  • address search onboard
  • onboard POI search in different categories
more than 1.000.000 POIs
  • POI quick search onboard
  • coordinate input
  • last destination, contact and favourites input
  • emergency search
  • route planning

Version 1.1

  • improved address search
  • performance improvements
  • new OSM map
  • more than 400.000 extra POIs

Version 1.2.0

  • new OSM map (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • more than 2.000.000 POIs
  • ski slopes


  • additional search uses Google. Online search - may incur additional costs, please check with your telecom provider.
  • currently no other regions available

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