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What is Neshan?

Neshan is a map and navigation application currently used by about 10 million active users in Iran. Neshan uses OpenStreetMap as its basemap. A team of trained editors are dedicated to improving the map and resolving issues reported by Neshan users.

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Area of Focus

Our edits are focused on the roads and streets in Iran. In particular, we look into the geometrical and topological problems of the roads and streets, name and rename them, draw the missing roads and streets, and solve other network and navigation issues.


We use JOSM to make the changes.

Sources and Changeset Comments

In addition to satellite imagery, maps and GPS, Neshan users’ reports written in Persian are the main source of the information we use for the edits.

Also the changes made by Neshan editors are tagged with "گزارشات کاربران اپلیکیشن #نشان" in source changesets.


Current editors are:

Username UID
Farshiid 13452579
Saeed SJ 9998669
nshz 9513428
hasaan22 9514331
fereydoon555 9543799
b&hz@d 9481499
Mahdi Nameghi 2526770
jahan7 8619140
ali-14 13408893
Saman 12256000
Sajjad 14377768
MUHAMMED`sab 16905710
samirr21 10150028

Contact Us:


Email: support (at)