New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad

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The New York was the major freight and passenger railroad in southern New England until 1969, and is now split between a number of companies. Lines formerly operated by it or a subsidiary should be tagged old_railway_operator=NYNH&H in addition to railway=rail (if still in use) or railway=abandoned.

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Trains/ICC valuations for a chronology (which may have some errors) of lines constructed by the NYNH&H and predecessors, compiled by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1915-18.

Below is a list (roughly complete) of ex-NYNH&H lines, approximately separated by divisions as they existed at the time the RDBR codes were assigned (ca. 1970), with mapping status.

Boston Division

Name Name (1969) RDBR From To Status Notes
Shore Line 4116 Cranston Boston
4123 Stratford Industrial Track
Lowell Branch 4130 Mansfield Framingham Center
East Junction Branch 4164 East Junction Seekonk
Wrentham Branch 4169 Norwood Central Wrentham
Wrentham Adamsdale
Stoughton Branch 4171 Canton Junction Easton
Easton Weir Junction
Boston Freight Terminal Branch 4172 South Bay Junction South Boston Freight Terminal
Dorchester Branch 4173 Boston Readville Transfer
Franklin Branch 4175 Readville Klondike
Klondike Willimantic
Hyannis Branch 4177 Atlantic CP Pilgrim (Alden/Middleboro)
East Taunton Branch 4177/4203 CP Pilgrim (Alden/Middleboro) Cotley
Hyannis Branch 4178 CP Pilgrim (Alden/Middleboro) Hyannis
Milton Secondary 4181 Milton Switch Neponset
Neponset Atlantic
Milton Secondary 4181 Neponset Milton
4182 Clinton Lancaster Mills
Fitchburg Branch 4183 Framingham Center Fitchburg
Nantasket Branch 4184 Braintree Nantasket Junction
Nantasket Junction Kingston
Plymouth Branch 4185 Braintree Plymouth
Dedham Branch 4187 Readville Dedham
New Bedford Branch 4188 Attleboro Whit
Mansfield Whit
New Bedford Branch 4189 Whit New Bedford
East Bridgewater Secondary 4191 Westdale Elmwood
Bridgewater Elmwood
East Bridgewater Secondary 4191 Elmwood East Bridgewater
East Bridgewater Abington
Middleboro Myricks
Newport Branch 4192 Myricks Newport
Randolph Secondary 4194 Braintree Highlands Randolph
Randolph Weir Junction
West Quincy Branch 4196 Braintree West Quincy
West Quincy Neponset River
Cliquot Branch 4197 Needham Junction Millis
Millis Woonsocket
Milford Branch 4198 Franklin Junction Milford
Milford Ashland
Watuppa Branch 4199 Nash Road Watuppa
Lowell Branch 41A3/4121 Framingham Center Lowell
Norwich Branch Groton Worcester
East Thompson Webster
Southbridge Branch Webster Southbridge
Providence-Worcester Branch Boston Switch Jackson Street (Worcester)
Slatersville Secondary Woonsocket Slatersville
Slatersville Harrisville
Needham Branch Chick (Forest Hills) Cook Street
Bristol Branch Providence Bristol
Pontiac Branch Cranston Pontiac
Pontiac Hope
Washington Branch Providence Washington
Washington Plainfield
Darlington Secondary Valley Falls Water Street
Dighton Branch Weir Junction Dighton
Dighton Somerset Junction
West Hanover Secondary North Abington West Hanover
West Hanover Hanover
Falmouth Branch Buzzards Bay Falmouth
Falmouth Woods Hole
South Dennis Branch Yarmouth South Dennis
South Dennis Provincetown
Harbor Junction Branch Auburn Providence
Auburn Buttonwoods
Providence Douglas Junction
Elwood Dedham
Dedham Junction Dedham
Medway North Wrentham abandoned early
Wickford Junction Wickford Landing
Franklin Valley Falls
Seekonk Branch Old Wharf Point abandoned early
West Roxbury Dedham
Harwich Chatham
Reformatory Sherborn
Marlborough Junction Marlborough
Pratt Junction Sterling Junction
Weir Junction Taunton
Fairhaven Tremont
Fall River Warren
Nantasket Junction Pemberton
Plymouth Middleboro
Harrison Square Shawmut Junction
Whittenton Junction Raynham
Matfield Easton

New Haven Division

Name Name (1969) RDBR From To Status Notes
Hell Gate Line 4207 Harlem River New Rochelle
4208 Meriden Street Springdale Avenue Spur Center Street Branch
Shore Line 4209 Woodlawn New London
Shore Line 4215 New London Cranston
Main Line-Springfield 4217 New Haven Springfield
4219 Oak Fremont Freemont Industrial Track
4219 Oak Pelham Bay Market Street Running Track
Pittsfield Branch 4220 Berkshire Junction Pittsfield
Maybrook Branch 4223 Campbell Hall Poughkeepsie
Poughkeepsie Silvernails
Maybrook Branch 4223 Poughkeepsie Hopewell Junction
Maybrook Branch 4223 Hopewell Junction Hawleyville
Hawleyville Highland Junction (Waterbury)
Maybrook Branch 4223 Hawleyville Derby Junction
Waterbury Branch Devon Highland Junction (Waterbury)
Waterbury Branch 4244 Highland Junction (Waterbury) Hartford
State Line Hopewell Junction
Beacon Secondary 4246 Hopewell Junction Beacon
Holyoke Branch 4248 Fair Street (New Haven) Westfield
Holyoke Branch 4248 Westfield Holyoke
Middletown Secondary 4251 Airline Junction Middletown
Laurel Branch 4253 Middletown Laurel
Laurel Fenwick
Portland Secondary 4254 Middletown Portland
Portland Willimantic
Armory Branch 4255 Springfield East Hartford
Manchester Secondary 4256 Manchester South Manchester
Suffield Secondary 4260 Windsor Locks Suffield
Waterbury Branch 4262 Hartford Plainfield
Wethersfield Secondary 4263 Hartford Middletown
4275 Cedar Hill Waterfront Street
4278 Poughkeepsie Hospital Industrial Track
Poughkeepsie Stissing
Pine Plains Boston Corners
New Canaan Branch Stamford New Canaan
Danbury Branch South Norwalk Danbury
Torrington Branch Highland Junction (Waterbury) Torrington
Torrington Winsted
Watertown Branch Highland Junction (Waterbury) Watertown
Florence Branch Westfield Northampton
Northampton Shelburn Junction
Florence Branch Northampton Florence
Florence Williamsburg
Griffins Secondary Griffins Switch (Hartford) Griffins
Griffins Rhinecliff
Berlin Secondary Berlin New Britain
Rockville Secondary Vernon Rockville
Berlin Middletown
Bridgeport Botsford
Hawleyville Brookfield
Bethel Litchfield
South Norwalk Wilson's Point
Branchville Ridgefield
New Haven Ansonia
Meriden Waterbury
Meriden Cromwell
Colchester Turnersville
Melrose Rockville
Farmington New Hartford
South Deerfield Turner's Falls
Simsbury Tarriffville abandoned early
Van Deusenville State Line
Wood River Junction Hope Valley
Dutchess Junction Beacon
Tarriffville Agawam

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