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The New York Central Railroad was one of the major freight and passenger railroads in the northeast U.S. until 1968, and is now split between CSX and Norfolk Southern. Lines formerly operated by it or a subsidiary should be tagged old_railway_operator=NYC in addition to railway=rail (if still in use) or railway=abandoned.

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Trains/ICC valuations for a chronology (which may have some errors) of lines constructed by the NYC and predecessors, compiled by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1915-18.

Below is a list (roughly complete) of ex-NYC lines, approximately separated by divisions as they existed at the time the RDBR codes were assigned (ca. 1970), with mapping status.

New Jersey Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(New Jersey Junction Railroad) 1412 Jersey City Weehawken complete relation 1384912
(New Jersey Junction Railroad) West New York Shadyside complete relation 1384912
(New York and Fort Lee Railroad) Weehawken West New York complete relation 1384909
(West Shore Railroad) 1413 Weehawken CP 132 complete relation 1376497
(Wallkill Valley Railroad) 1435 Kingston Montgomery complete relation 1376512
Harsimus Branch Jersey City complete relation 1384910
Rockland Lake Branch Congers Rockland Lake relation 1376505
Catskill Mountain Branch Kingston Oneonta complete relation 1376509
Kaaterskill Branch Phoenicia complete relation 1376513
Hunter Branch Hunter complete relation 1376514
Athens Branch Coxsackie Athens complete relation 1412937 abandoned early

Williamsport Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(Beech Creek Railroad) 2320 Jersey Shore Snow Shoe
Lyons-Newberry Branch 2322 Geneva Newberry Junction relation 1376479
(Beech Creek Extension Railroad branch) 2323 Browns McElhattan
(Beech Creek Railroad) 2337 Mahaffey Junction Mahaffey
Valley Branch 2340 Dunkirk Titusville relation 1376498
Oil City Branch 2341 Stoneboro Polk Junction
Clearfield Branch 2341 Polk Junction Rose Siding
Penn Yan Branch 2342 Dresden Penn Yan complete relation 1376481
Cowanesque Valley Branch 2343 Cowanesque Valley Junction Ulysses
Antrim Branch 2344 Wellsboro Junction Antrim
Oil City Branch 2345 Polk Junction Oil City
(Beech Creek Railroad) 2349 Snow Shoe Wallaceton
(Beech Creek Railroad) 2350 Wallaceton Clearfield Junction
(Beech Creek Railroad branch) 2350 Clearfield Junction Clearfield
(Beech Creek Railroad branch) 2351 Munson Phillipsburg
(Beech Creek Railroad) 2353 Clearfield Junction Dimeling
(Beech Creek Extension Railroad branch) 2354 Dimeling Irvona
(Beech Creek Railroad) 2355 Dimeling Curry Run
(Beech Creek Extension Railroad branch) 2356 Potts Run Junction Carnwath
(Beech Creek Railroad branch) 2357 Viaduct Pleasant Hill Mine
(Beech Creek Extension Railroad branch) 2358 Clearfield Keating
(Beech Creek Extension Railroad branch) 2359 CB Junction Curry Run
(Beech Creek Railroad) 2359 Curry Run Mahaffey Junction
(Beech Creek Extension Railroad branch) 2359 Mahaffey Junction Cherry Tree
(Beech Creek Extension Railroad branch) 2360 Dowler Junction Arcadia
(Beech Creek Extension Railroad branch) 2362 Hooverhurst Wilgus
Corning Branch Corning Junction Corning complete relation 1376477
Beech Creek Connection Lyons-Newberry Branch BCRR
Belmar Branch Franklin Belmar
(Beech Creek Railroad branch) Kerrmoor Gazzam
(Beech Creek Railroad branch) Hawk Run Morrisdale No. 2 Mine
(Beech Creek Railroad branch) Wigton Junction Spangler
(Beech Creek Extension Railroad branch) Rossiter Junction Rossiter

Valley Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
Youngstown Branch 2440 Ashtabula Carson
Low Grade Line 2440 Carson Mann
(Mahoning Coal Railroad branch) 2440 Mann Brookfield
(Mahoning Coal Railroad) Andover Brookfield
(Mahoning Coal Railroad) 2440 Brookfield Youngstown
Youngstown Branch 2441 Dorset Junction Andover
Oil City Branch 2441 Andover Stoneboro
Youngstown Branch 2442 Carson Dorset Junction
(Mahoning and Shenango Valley Railway) 2443 Doughton Junction state line
(Shenango Valley Railroad) 2443 state line Sharon
(Lake Erie and Pittsburg Railway) 2444 Marcy Brady Lake Junction
(Lake Erie, Alliance and Wheeling Railroad) 2445 Phalanx Alliance
(Lake Erie, Alliance and Wheeling Railroad) 2446 Alliance Wolf
(Lake Erie, Alliance and Wheeling Railroad) 2447 Wolf Dillonvale
Wolf Run Branch 2449 Phillips Jensie Mine built after 1920?
Youngstown Branch 2465 Ashtabula Harbor Ashtabula
(wye) 2466 CP 1 CP 128
(wye) 2467 CP 1 CP 128
Oil City Branch Andover Oil City
(Stewart Railroad) Sharon state line

Fort Wayne Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(Cincinnati, Lafayette and Chicago Railroad) 3112 Aroma Park Kankakee
Kankakee Branch 3123 Olivers Seatonville Junction
Kankakee Branch Ladd Junction NYC Junction
Bradley Branch 3124 Kankakee Bradley AKA East Bradley Branch
West Bradley Branch 3125 Kankakee Bradley
(Fort Wayne and Jackson Railroad) 3136 Fort Wayne Jackson
(Big Four main) 3143 Division Post (Yost) Soldiers Home
Cardiff Branch Reddick Cardiff
Depue Branch Depue Junction Depue
Churchill Branch Ladd Churchill

Chicago Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
Main Line 3200 Elkhart Chicago relation 1376500
Old Road 3221 Elkhart Elkhart Yard
Kankakee Branch 3223 South Bend Olivers
Main Line (Michigan Central Railroad) 3232 Ivanhoe Porter
(Joliet and Northern Indiana Railroad) 3233 East Gary Joliet
Mishawaka Branch 3234 Elkhart Mishawaka
(St. Joseph, South Bend and Southern Railroad) 3237 South Bend Benton Harbor
Danville Branch 3250 Indiana Harbor Osborn
MC Connecting Branch 3252 Main Line South Bend
Main Line (Michigan Central Railroad) 3256 Kensington Ivanhoe
3257 CP Ivanhoe CP 491 Millers Branch (IHB)
(Chicago River and Indiana Railroad) 3297 Chicago
(Chicago Junction Railway) 3298 Chicago
Dune Park Branch Gibson Ivanhoe
Dune Park Branch G&W Junction Dune Park
(Gary and Western Railway) Ivanhoe Gary

Cleveland Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
Main Line 3500 Bayview Berea relation 1376500
Cleveland Short Line 3531 Collinwood Rockport
3532 Collinwood Clark through Cleveland Union Terminal
(Big Four main) 3532 Clark Berea
(wye) 3533 CP 175 MP 1.0 connection at east end of Short Line
(Big Four main) 3534 Drawbridge Clark
3536 Buckeye Road Orange Avenue Freight Terminal
3542 Willoughby Cleveland Electric
(wye) 3547 CP 1 CP 124

Toledo Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
Main Line 3600 Berea Elkhart relation 1376500
Detroit Branch; Toledo Branch 3621 Air Line Junction Alexis
(Toledo and Ohio Central Railway) 3622 Toledo Lime City
3630? CP 286 CP Oak
South Lorain Branch 3631 Elyria Yard South Lorain
(Toledo and Ohio Central Railway) 3632 Maumee Stony Ridge
Norwalk Branch 3633 Elyria Junction Millbury Junction
Old Road 3634 Jonesville White Pigeon
Old Road 3635 Air Line Junction Jonesville
Monroe Branch 3639 Lenawee Junction Ida
Jackson Branch 3640 Lenawee Junction Jackson
Goshen Branch 3642 Goshen Sturgis
(Big Four main) 3643 Goshen Division Post (Yost)
(Toledo and Ohio Central Railway) 3644 Oakdale Stanley
Toledo Belt Branch 7366 Wagon Works North Toledo
Fayette Branch Grosvenor Fayette

Boston Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(Boston and Albany Railroad) 4103 Boston Rensselaer relation 1376515
(New York and Harlem Railroad) 4131 Ghent Chatham complete relation 1376504
Grand Junction Branch 4132/4151 Brookline East Boston complete relation 1412944
Saxonville Branch 4134 Natick Saxonville complete relation 1412949
Milford Branch 4135 South Framingham Milford complete relation 1412938
Millbury Branch 4136 Millbury Junction Millbury complete relation 1412943
Ware River Branch 4139 Palmer Winchendon complete relation 1412946
Athol Branch 4140 Athol Junction Athol complete relation 1412945
North Adams Branch 4141 North Adams Junction North Adams complete relation 1376511
(Hudson River Connecting Railroad) 4142 Post Road CP SM
Newton Highlands Branch 4143 Riverside Brookline Junction complete relation 1412940
Newton Lower Falls Branch Riverside Newton Lower Falls complete relation 1412948
Spencer Branch South Spencer Spencer complete relation 1412941
Chester and Becket Branch Chester Becket complete relation 1412936
North Brookfield Branch East Brookfield North Brookfield complete relation 1412935
Webster Branch Auburn Webster complete relation 1412939
East Village Branch Webster Mills East Village complete relation 1412947

New Haven Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
30th Street Branch 4235 Spuyten Duyvil St. John's Park complete relation 1376422
Port Morris Branch 4236 Melrose Port Morris complete relation 1376507
4237 West Side Yard

Syracuse Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
Main Line 4700 Albany East Syracuse relation 1376500
Syracuse Junction Branch 4700 East Syracuse Syracuse Junction complete relation 1376459
Main Line 4700 Syracuse Junction Belle Isle relation 1376500
Main Line 4701 East Syracuse Syracuse Junction relation 1376500 Peat Street Lead
(West Shore Railroad) 4713 Division Board CP 132 complete relation 1376497
Watertown Branch 4721 Syracuse Massena Springs complete relation 1376456
(Hudson River Connecting Railroad) 4732 CP SM Unionville
(West Shore Railroad) 4733 Unionville New York Mills complete relation 1376497
Albany Branch 4734 Selkirk Port of Albany complete relation 1376506
(Troy and Greenbush Railroad) 4735 Rensselaer Troy complete relation 1376519
Schenectady Detour Branch 4737 Carman South Schenectady complete relation 1376440
Troy and Schenectady Branch 4738 Schenectady Troy complete relation 1376441
Hoffman's Connection Branch 4739 Hoffman's Rotterdam Junction complete relation 1376436
Adirondack Branch 4740 Herkimer Malone Junction complete relation 1376439
Ogdensburg Branch 4741 Utica Lyons Falls complete relation 1376466
Ogdensburg Branch Lyons Falls Lowville complete relation 1376466
Rome Branch 4744 Rome Richland complete relation 1376457
(West Shore Railroad) 4745 New York Mills Syracuse complete relation 1376497
Chenango Branch 4746 Syracuse Earlville complete relation 1376508
Phoenix Branch 4747 Woodward Fulton complete relation 1376465
4747 Fulton Oswego ex-NYO&W
Ontario Branch 4748 Oswego Pulaski complete relation 1376460
Ogdensburg Branch 4751 Lowville Ogdensburg complete relation 1376466
Carthage Branch 4752 Watertown Newton Falls complete relation 1376473
Oswegatchie Branch 4753 G&O Junction Edwards complete relation 1376480
De Kalb Branch 4754 De Kalb Junction Ogdensburg complete relation 1376482
Ottawa Branch 4755 Tupper Lake Cornwall Bridge complete relation 1376461
4756 Massena Huntingdon ex-GT
(St. Lawrence and Adirondack Railway) Malone Junction Huntingdon
(St. Lawrence and Adirondack Railway) 4756 Huntingdon Adirondack Junction
Auburn Branch 4757 Syracuse Fairmount complete relation 1376478
4759 Emeryville Balmat opened ca. 1920?
(Amsterdam, Chuctanunda and Northern Railroad) 4763 Kellogs Yard
(New York and Harlem Railroad) 9100 Grand Central Mott Haven Junction complete relation 1376504
Main Line 9100 Mott Haven Junction Albany relation 1376500
(New York and Harlem Railroad) 9131 Mott Haven Junction Wassaic complete relation 1376504
(New York and Harlem Railroad) Wassaic Ghent complete relation 1376504
(Hudson River Connecting Railroad) 9132 CP 125 CP SM
Hudson and Chatham Branch 9166 Hudson Chatham complete relation 1376510
Putnam Branch 155th Street Putnam Junction complete relation 1376423
Yonkers Branch Van Cortlandt Yonkers complete relation 1376421
Mahopac Falls Branch Baldwin Place Mahopac Falls complete relation 1376435
Tivoli Hollow Branch West Albany Albany complete relation 1376438
Dolgeville Branch Little Falls Dolgeville complete relation 1376437
Hinckley Branch Prospect Junction Hinckley complete relation 1376464
Saranac Branch Lake Clear Junction Saranac Lake complete relation 1376458
Clayton Branch Rivergate Clayton complete relation 1376462
Rome Old Line Branch Tower No. 34 Charles Street complete relation 1376463
Sackets Harbor Branch Watertown Junction Sackets Harbor complete relation 1376470
Cape Vincent Branch Watertown Junction Cape Vincent complete relation 1376471
Sanfords Branch Main Street Watertown Roots complete relation 1376472
(Dolgeville and Salisbury Railway) Dolgeville Irondale
Lake Mahopac Branch Goldens Bridge Lake Mahopac complete relation 1376492
First Ward Branch Syracuse complete relation 1401166
(Fulton Chain Railway) Fulton Chain Old Forge
(Raquette Lake Railway) Carter Raquette Lake
Fullers Branch Fullers Athens Junction (Schenectady) complete relation 1412942 abandoned early

Buffalo Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
Main Line 4800 Belle Isle Bayview relation 1376500
Falls Branch 4821 Rochester Suspension Bridge complete relation 1376496
Lyons-Newberry Branch 4822 Lyons Geneva relation 1376479
4832 Frontier Yard Beltline Branch Sycamore Branch
(West Shore Railroad) 4833 Syracuse Frontier Yard complete relation 1376497
Auburn Branch 4836 Pittsford Brighton complete relation 1376478
Charlotte Branch 4837 Rochester Ontario Beach complete relation 1376502
Rochester Branch 4838 Windsor Beach Rochester complete relation 1376469
Canandaigua Branch 4839 Caledonia Batavia complete relation 1376476
Tonawanda Branch 4840 Batavia Transit complete relation 1376495
Tonawanda Branch Transit Tonawanda Junction complete relation 1376495
Buffalo Belt Branch 4842 William Street North Buffalo Junction complete relation 1376501
Niagara Branch 4843 Buffalo Lewiston complete relation 1376503
Tonawanda Branch 4844 Tonawanda Junction North Tonawanda complete relation 1376495
Lockport Branch 4845 North Tonawanda Lockport Junction complete relation 1376493
A Branch 4847 Buffalo
Ontario Branch 4848 Oswego Suspension Bridge complete relation 1376460
4849 Buffalo JD Running Track
4850 North Buffalo Junction Harriet
4852 William Street CP 437 Howard Street Running Track
Gardenville Branch 4853 Depew Bay View complete relation 1376499
4855 Cheektowaga GJ
Auburn Branch 4857 Fairmount Victor complete relation 1376478
Auburn Branch Victor Pittsford complete relation 1376478
Canandaigua Branch 4858 Canandaigua Holcomb complete relation 1376476
Canandaigua Branch Holcomb Caledonia complete relation 1376476
4859 CP T Frontier
(Genesee Falls Railway) 4861 Rochester
Attica Branch Batavia Attica complete relation 1376494

Canada Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(Niagara River Bridge Company) 5104 Suspension Bridge Niagara Falls
(Canada Southern Railway) 5104 Niagara Falls Windsor
(Detroit River Tunnel Company) 5104 Windsor Detroit River Tunnel
5131 Fort Erie Brookfield
5132 McGregor Quarries Amherstburg Branch
5133 Comber Onionville Leamington Branch
5134 Chippawa Steamford Niagara Branch
5135 Old Fort Erie Niagara
5137 Brookfield Seaway Welland Tube Lead
5138 Phillips Welland

Detroit Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(Detroit River Tunnel Company) 5204 Detroit River Tunnel Detroit
Main Line (Michigan Central Railroad) 5204 Detroit Town Line
Detroit Branch; Toledo Branch 5221 Alexis D&M Junction (Detroit)
Detroit Branch; Toledo Branch 5222 Trenton LaSalle
5231 Schafer Tower YD
Bay City Branch 5233 Detroit Bay City
Detroit Belt Branch 5245 Detroit
5246 Detroit Detroit Belt Line Extension Industrial Track
(Detroit Manufacturers Railroad) 5247 Detroit
Monroe Branch 5248 Ida Monroe
(Detroit, Delray and Dearborn Railroad) 5249 Delray Dearborn
5250 Detroit Delta Spur Industrial Track
5251 Detroit Exposition Spur Industrial Track
5254 Detroit Marsh Industrial Track
5255?? Dearborn Oakman Spur
5258 Monroe
5259 Detroit Detroit Edison Lead
Mackinaw Branch Bay City Mackinaw City
Gladwin Branch Pinconning Gladwin
Bentley Branch Mt. Forest Bentley
Twin Lakes Branch Grayling Lewiston
Bagley Branch Salling Junction Johannesburg
North Midland Branch Bay City Midland
East Jordan Branch Frederic East Jordan
Caro Branch Vassar Owendale
Saginaw Branch Denmark Junction Saginaw
Bay City Belt Branch Bay City
Water Street Spur Branch (Bay City Belt Line Railroad?) Bay City
Dearborn Branch Oakwood Junction? Dearborn
(St. Clair and Western Railroad) St. Clair Richmond
(Canada Southern Bridge Company) Slocum Junction Grosse Isle
(Detroit Manufacturers' Railroad) Detroit
Five Lakes Branch Lapeer Five Lakes
(Hecla Belt Line Railroad) Bay City

Michigan Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
Main Line (Michigan Central Railroad) 5304 Town Line Porter
Old Road 5321 Elkhart White Pigeon
Grand Rapids Branch 5321 White Pigeon Three Rivers Junction
Air Line Branch 5321 Jackson Three Rivers Junction
Air Line Branch 5322 Three Rivers Niles
Lansing Branch 5337 Jackson Bay City
Grand Rapids Branch 5340 Rives Junction Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids Branch 5341 Three Rivers Junction Grand Rapids
South Haven Branch 5343 Kalamazoo South Haven
(Chicago, Kalamazoo and Saginaw Railway) 5344 Woodbury Pavilion
South Bend Branch 5346 Niles South Bend
(Big Four main) 5347 Benton Harbor Niles
(Big Four main) Niles Goshen
(Cincinnati Northern Railroad) 5348 Jackson Vandercook Lake
Lansing Branch 5352 Jonesville North Lansing
(Lansing Manufacturers Railroad) 5354 Lansing
(Detroit, Toledo and Milwaukee Railroad) 5355 Dundee Battle Creek
(Detroit, Toledo and Milwaukee Railroad) Battle Creek Allegan sold 1913
(Battle Creek and Sturgis Railway) Battle Creek Sturgis
(Detroit, Hillsdale and South Western Railroad) Bankers Ypsilanti
(Lansing Transit Railway) Lansing
(Buchanan and St. Joseph River Railroad) Buchanan abandoned or sold 1915

Columbus Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(Big Four main) 8105 Berea Bellefontaine
(Big Four main) 8111 Galion Lilly Chapel
8112 Delaware Delaware Cutoff (east bypass of Delaware)
(Toledo and Ohio Central Railway) 8122 Lime City Corning
(Kanawha and Michigan Railway) 8123 Corning Gauley Bridge
8123 Gauley Bridge Belva
(Kanawha and West Virginia Railroad branch) 8123 Belva Swiss
8124 Bannon Peters Junction
8125 Jones Mine
8126 Vaughn Railroad
8127 Gauley Bridge C&O Transfer
(Toledo and Ohio Central Railway) 8130 Luckey Edison
(Mt. Gilead Short Line Railway) 8130 Edison Mt. Gilead
(Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Railroad) 8131 Sandusky Tiffin
(Toledo and Ohio Central Railway) 8132 Stony Ridge Luckey
(Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Railroad) 8133 Tiffin Bellefontain
(Kanawha and West Virginia Railroad) 8138 Charleston Blakeley
(Zanesville and Western Railway) 8139 Thurston Drakes (Zanesville)
(Zanesville and Western Railway branch) 8140 Fultonham Glouster
(Zanesville and Western Railway branch) Glouster Shawnee
8141 Peters Junction Enon
(Big Four branch) 8144 Delaware Marysville
(Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Railroad) 8147 Bellefontaine Jewells
(Toledo and Ohio Central Railway branch) 8149 Truro Woodland Avenue
(Toledo and Ohio Central Railway branch) Peoria St. Marys
(Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Railroad branch) Carey Findlay
(Findlay Belt Railway) Findlay
(Kanawha and Michigan Railway branch) Smithers Marting
(Kanawha and Michigan Railway branch) Glouster Carrington
(Middleport and Northeastern Railway) Rockville Calvin
(Toledo and Ohio Central Railway) Edison Thurston

Cincinnati Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(Big Four main) 8211 Lilly Chapel Springfield
(Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Railroad) 8211 Springfield Dayton
(Big Four main) 8211 Dayton Ivorydale Junction
(Big Four main) 8212 Cincinnati Tanner Creek
(Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Railroad) 8231 Jewells Springfield
(Big Four main) 8232 Springfield Eastside
(Cincinnati Northern Railroad) 8248 Vandercook Lake Carlisle Junction
(Big Four branch) 8253 Marysville Springfield
8254 B&O CP Oklahoma Oklahoma Running Track
(old main) 8258 Franklin Junction Carlisle Junction
(Cincinnati Northern Railroad branch) Lewisburg Quarries

Indiana Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(Big Four main) 8305 Bellefontaine Avon
(old main) 8307 Sidney
(Muncie Belt Railway) 8308 Muncie
8309 South Anderson South Anderson Cutoff
(Big Four main) 8312 Tanner Creek Lafayette
(Cincinnati, Lafayette and Chicago Railroad) 8312 Templeton Aroma Park
(Evansville and Indianapolis Railroad) 8335 Spring Hill Straight Line Junction
8337 Buckskin Lynnville
(Big Four main) 8343 Soldiers Home South Anderson
(Vernon, Greensburg and Rushville Railroad) 8344 Greensburg North Vernon
(Big Four branch) 8345 Valley Junction Hagerstown
(Big Four branch) 8346 Lawrenceburg Junction Aurora
(Big Four branch) 8348 Fairland Martinsville
(Big Four main) 8363 South Anderson Rushville
(Vernon, Greensburg and Rushville Railroad) 8363 Rushville Greensburg
8365 Duff Washington
(old main) 8366 Indianapolis North Indianapolis North Street Industrial Track
8373 Lebanon Altamont part of 8312?
(Columbus, Hope and Greensburg Railroad) Greensburg Columbus

St. Louis Division

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(Big Four main) 8405 Avon East St. Louis
Danville Branch 8431 Osborn Danville
(Big Four main) 8432 Cairo Danville
(Saline Valley Railway) 8433 Harrisburg Saline Mine No. 3
(Evansville, Mt. Carmel and Northern Railway) 8438 Mt. Carmel Evansville
(Big Four branch) 8440 Hillsboro Lenox
(Evansville and Indianapolis Railroad) 8446 Terre Haute Spring Hill
8451 Cairo part of 8432?
(Big Four branch) St. Francisville Vincennes
(Big Four branch) East Alton Alton
(Big Four branch) Danville Tilton abandoned early

Peoria and Eastern Railway

Name RDBR From To Status Notes
(Peoria and Eastern Railway) 8561/8562/8563/8564 Indianapolis Pekin
(Peoria and Eastern Railway branch) Urbana Champaign

4041 (Delphos Terminal?) 5999 (Terminal East/West Industrial Track in Detroit?) 6604?