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Name Is Pastoral Lease Lease ID Mapped in OSM Notes
Ahuriri Downs Yes 12511 relation Yes
Airies Not anymore way Yes
Allandale Not anymore No
Alphaburn Not anymore No
Ardross Station Yes 12653 relation Yes
Argour Not anymore No
Argyle Station Yes 12658 relation Yes
Asheridge Yes 12797 way Yes
Avalon Not anymore No
Aviemore Station Yes 12461 relation Yes
Awakino Not anymore way Yes
Awapiri Station Tenure Review In Progress 12634 relation Yes
Balmoral - Oamaru Yes 12541 relation Yes
Balmoral - Tekapo Tenure Review In Progress 12681 relation Yes
Bargour Yes 12607 relation Yes
Barrosa Not anymore No
Bauchops Hill Yes 12704 relation Yes
Beaumont - Otago Tenure Review In Progress 12602 relation Yes
Beaumont - Southland Yes 12665 relation Yes
Bellamore Yes 12502 way Yes
Ben Ledi Not anymore No
Ben Lomond Yes 12621 relation Yes
Ben Mcleod Yes 12693 relation Yes
Ben More Not anymore No
Ben Nevis Not anymore No
Bendigo Not anymore No
Bendrose Not anymore No
Berwen Not anymore No
Birdwood Yes 12505 relation Yes
Black Forest Yes 12725 relation Yes
Blackstone Hill Not anymore No
Blairich Not anymore No
Blue Mountain Not anymore relation Yes
Boy Roy Not anymore No
Braemar Not anymore relation Yes
Braeside Not anymore No
Branch Creek Yes 12442 way Yes
Breast Hill Yes 12510 relation Yes
Brooksdale Yes 12778 relation Yes
Bush Spurs Yes 12781 relation Yes
Caberfeidh Not anymore way Yes
Cairnmuir Tenure Review In Progress 15388 relation Yes
Caithness Not anymore No
Cambrian Not anymore No
Cambrian Hills Not anymore No
Camden Yes 12645 relation Yes
Carrick Not anymore No
Carrickmore Yes 12563 relation Yes
Cascade Yes 12633 relation Yes
Castle Dent Not anymore No
Castle Hill Yes 12748 relation Yes
Cattle Flat (Otago) Not anymore No
Cattle Flat (Southland) Not anymore No
Cecil Peak Station Yes 12649 relation Yes
Chetwynd Not anymore way Yes now called Bedeshurst
Clent Hills Not anymore relation Yes
Closeburn Not anymore No
Cloudy Peaks Yes 12685 way Yes
Cloudy Range Yes 12791 relation Yes
Clover Flats Yes 12565 way Yes
Cluden Not anymore No
Coal Creek Station Yes 12464 relation Yes
Compensation Run Not anymore No
Cone Peak Not anymore No
Cora Lynn Not anymore No
Coronet Peak Yes 12716 relation Yes
Courthill Yes 12617 relation Yes
Craigroy Not anymore No
Crown Rock Station Yes 12466 relation Yes
Curraghmore Yes 12672 relation Yes
Deep Creek Not anymore No
Dingleburn Not anymore No
Dome Hills Not anymore No
Domett Downs Not anymore No
Dry Creek Yes 12786 relation Yes
Dunstan Burn Yes 12445 relation Yes
Dunstan Downs Yes 12432 relation Yes
Dunstan Peaks Not anymore No
Earnscleugh Not anymore No
Earnslaw Station Yes 12440 relation Yes
Eastburn Not anymore No
Emerald Hills Yes 12482 relation Yes
Erewhon Yes 12784 relation Yes
Erewhon Park Not anymore No
Eskhead Yes 12764 relation Yes
Eweburn Yes 12448 relation Yes
Ferintosh Yes 12690 relation Yes
Fiery Creek Not anymore No
Forest Range Yes 12509 relation Yes
Galloway Station Yes 12489 relation Yes
Gem Lake Redcliffe Not anymore No
Geordie Hills Not anymore No
Glen Dene Not anymore relation Yes
Glen Lyon Yes 12673 relation Yes
Glenaray Station Tenure Review In Progress 12422 relation Yes
Glenariffe Not anymore No
Glencoe - Arrowtown Yes 12475 relation Yes
Glencoe - East Otago Tenure Review In Progress No
Glencreag Not anymore No
Glendhu Not anymore No
Glenfalloch Yes 12777 relation Yes
Glenfellan Not anymore No
Glenfoyle Not anymore No
Glenhope Yes 12770 relation Yes
Glenlee Run Yes 12642 relation Yes
Glenmore Station Yes 12669 relation Yes
Glenrock - Rakaia Tenure Review In Progress No
Glenrock - Tekapo Yes 12703 way Yes
Glentanner Not anymore No
Glenthorne Yes 12754 relation Yes
Glynn Wye Yes 12745 relation Yes
Godley Peaks Tenure Review In Progress 12679 relation Yes
Gorge Creek Yes 12456 relation Yes
Gorge Farm Yes 12582 way Yes
Grafton Hills Yes 12560 way Yes
Grange Hill Yes 12711 relation Yes
Grays Hills Yes 12689 relation Yes
Greenvale Not anymore No
Hakatere Not anymore No
Halfway Bay Station Yes 12654 relation Yes
Halwyn Not anymore No
Happy Valley Not anymore No
Hawksburn Station Yes 12439 relation Yes
Henroost Not anymore No
Hillend Station Not anymore No
Holbrook Yes 12727 relation Yes
Home Hills Not anymore No
Hossack Yes 12763 relation Yes
Hukarere Station Tenure Review In Progress 12431 relation Yes
Hunter Hills Not anymore No
Hunter Valley Station Yes 12488 relation Yes
Huxley Gorge I Not anymore 12718 relation Yes
Huxley Gorge II Not anymore 12735 relation Yes
Inverary Yes 12759 relation Yes
Invercroy Not anymore No
Irishman Creek Not anymore No
Island Hills Tenure Review In Progress 12750 relation Yes
Islay Downs Yes 12603 way Yes
Kaiwarua Not anymore No
Kawarau Station Tenure Review In Progress No
Kelvin Grove Not anymore No
Killermont Not anymore No
Kingston Station Yes 12655 relation Yes
Kinross Not anymore No
Kirkliston Not anymore No
Kyeburn Not anymore No
Lake Hāwea Not anymore No
Lake Taylor Yes 12766 relation Yes
Lauder Not anymore No
Leaning Rock Yes 12485 relation Yes
Lilybank Yes 12788 relation Yes
Little Mount Ida Yes 12574 relation Yes
Little Valley Yes 12594 relation Yes
Loch Linnhe Yes 12515 relation Yes
Lochaber Yes 12696 relation Yes
Locharburn Not anymore No
Long Acre Not anymore No
Long Gully Not anymore No
Longlands Station Tenure Review In Progress No
Longslip Not anymore No
Lorne Peak Yes 12668 relation Yes
Lowburn Valley Yes 12532 relation Yes
Lower Cascade Yes 12632 relation Yes
Makarora Not anymore No
Manahune Yes 12708 relation Yes
Manuka Point Not anymore No
Maryburn Not anymore No
Matakanui Station Yes 12576 relation Yes
Matangi Yes 12610 relation Yes
Mataura Valley Not anymore No
Matukituki Yes 12591 relation Yes
Merivale Not anymore No
Mesopotamia Not anymore No
Middle Hill Station Tenure Review In Progress No
Middlehurst Yes 12798 relation Yes
Midrun / Lake McKay Yes 17042 way Yes
Minaret Station Tenure Review In Progress 12545 relation Yes
Moa Hills Yes 12570 way Yes
Morven Hills Tenure Review In Progress 12599 relation Yes
Motatapu Station Yes 12478 relation Yes
Mount Alford Not anymore No
Mount Aspiring Not anymore No
Mount Cecil Not anymore No
Mount Cook Not anymore way Yes
Mount Creighton Not anymore No
Mount Dewar Not anymore No
Mount Dewar - Telecom Station Yes 12631 way Yes
Mount Grand Not anymore No
Mount Nimrod Not anymore No
Mount Obi Yes 12629 way Yes
Mount Peel Not anymore No
Mount Potts Not anymore No
Mount Rosa Not anymore No
Mount Soho Station Yes 12583 relation Yes
Mount Studholme Not anymore No
Moutere Station Yes 12600 way Yes
Mount Albert Yes 12573 relation Yes
Mount Alexander Yes 12549 relation Yes
Mount Algidus Yes 12752 relation Yes
Mount Arrowsmith Yes 12742 relation Yes
Mount Benger Yes 12524 way Yes
Mount Burke Station Tenure Review In Progress 12447 relation Yes
Mount Campbell Yes 12596 relation Yes
Mount Creighton Station Tenure Review In Progress No
Mount Dalgety Yes 12670 relation Yes
Mount Dasher Tenure Review In Progress 12435 relation Yes
Mount Difficulty Tenure Review In Progress No
Mount Gerald Tenure Review In Progress No
Mount Gladstone Tenure Review In Progress No
Mount Hay Yes 12691 relation Yes
Mount Hope Tenure Review In Progress 12564 way Yes
Mount Hutt Yes 12756 way Yes
Mount Nicholas Station Yes 12420 relation Yes
Mount Oakden Yes 12767 relation Yes
Mount Olympus Yes 12755 relation Yes part of Glenthorne
Mount Pember Yes 12747 relation Yes now part of Lees Valley
Mount Prospect Yes 12663 relation Yes
Mount Saint Bathans Yes 12462 relation Yes
Mount Stalker Yes 12584 relation Yes
Mount White Yes 12762 relation Yes
Muller Station Yes 12640 relation Yes
Muzzle Not anymore No
Nine Mile Not anymore No
Nokomai Station Yes 12662 relation Yes
Obelisk Tenure Review In Progress No
Obelisk Creek Not anymore No
Omahau Downs Not anymore No
Omahau Hill Yes 16640 way Yes
Omarama Station Tenure Review In Progress No
Orchard Estate Not anymore No
Otematata Station I Yes 12561 relation Yes
Otematata Station II Yes 12562 relation Yes
Patearoa Syndicate Yes 12473 relation Yes
Pisgah Downs Not anymore No
Pukaki Downs Not anymore No
Queensberry Hills - TV Station Yes 12626 way Yes
Queensbury Ridges Not anymore No
Rainbow Yes 12790 relation Yes
Ramshead Run Yes 12641 relation Yes
Rata Peaks Yes 12697 relation Yes
Rees Valley Station Yes 12568 relation Yes
Remarkables Yes 12624 relation Yes
Ribbonwood Not anymore No
Richmond Not anymore No
Riverside Yes 12611 relation Yes
Riverslea Not anymore No
Robrosa Yes 12529 way Yes
Rocklands II Not anymore No
Rockvale Not anymore No
Rollesby Yes 12720 way Yes
Rostriever Yes 12566 relation Yes
Rugged Ridges Yes 12476 relation Yes
Run 213D Not anymore No
Sandy Point Not anymore No
Sawdon Yes 12677 relation Yes
Scotsburn Not anymore No
Shag Valley Station Tenure Review In Progress No
Shenley Yes 12684 relation Yes
Shingley Creek Not anymore No
Shirlmar Not anymore No
Shortlands Yes 12555 relation Yes
Shortlands Station Yes 12555 relation Yes
Silver Hill Yes 12715 relation Yes
Silverbirch Not anymore No
Simons Hill Not anymore No
Simons Pass Yes 12680 relation Yes
Snowdale Yes 12765 relation Yes now part of Lees Valley
Soldiers Syndicate Yes 12425 way Yes
Spotts Creek Not anymore No
Stew Point Yes 12722 relation Yes
Stoneleigh Yes 12686 relation Yes
Stony Creek Yes 12724 relation Yes
Streamlands Yes 12713 relation Yes
Styx Run Yes 12580 relation Yes
Sunny Peaks Yes 12535 relation Yes
Sunset Farm Yes 12572 way Yes
Taieri Lake Not anymore No
Te Akatarawa Yes 12683 relation Yes
Temple Peak Not anymore No
Tenahaun Not anymore No
The Beeches I Yes 12486 relation Yes
The Beeches II Yes 12506 relation Yes
The Branches Yes 12625,12569 relation Yes
The Burgan Yes 12451 relation Yes
The Dasher Yes 12434 way Yes
The Forks Yes 12457 relation Yes
The Gorge Not anymore No
The Grampians Yes 12682 relation Yes
The Herrons Yes 12472 relation Yes
The Homestead Yes 12467 relation Yes
The Jollies Yes 12657 way Yes
The Jordan Yes 12647 relation Yes
The Lakes Yes 12768 relation Yes
The Larches Not anymore No
The Poplars Not anymore No
The Wandle Not anymore No
The Wolds Not anymore No
Three Springs Yes 12721 relation Yes
Timburn Not anymore No
Tinline Downs Yes 12740 way Yes
Twin Peaks Yes 12501 relation Yes
Two Mile Yes 12453 relation Yes
Upcot Station Yes 12639 way Yes
Upper Lake Heron Yes 12746 relation Yes
Waikari Not anymore No
Waikerikeri Not anymore No
Waiorau Not anymore No
Waipiata Syndicate Yes 12508 way Yes
Wairua Downs Yes 12694 way Yes
Waitangi Yes 12698 relation Yes
Waitari Not anymore No
Walter Peak Yes 12620 relation Yes
Waterloo Station Yes 12650 relation Yes
Wentworth Not anymore No
West Hills Yes 12719 way Yes
West Wanaka Not anymore No
Whitecomb Not anymore No
Whitecoomb (Otago) Yes 12613 No
Whitecoomb (Southland) ? 12651 No
Winterslow Yes 12773 relation Yes
Woodbine Not anymore No
Woodstock Yes 12776 relation Yes
Wyuna Not anymore No