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Newport, Wales

latitude: 51.588, longitude: -2.997
Browse map of Newport 51°35′16.80″ N, 2°59′49.20″ W
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Newport is a city in Wales at latitude 51°35′16.80″ North, longitude 2°59′49.20″ West.

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Newport (Casnewydd in Welsh) is a city and principal area in Wales, in the United Kingdom. Standing on the banks of the River Usk, located roughly between Cardiff and Bristol, it is the cultural capital and largest urban area in the historic county of Monmouthshire.

The population of Newport is 140,100, making it the third most populous city in Wales.


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The map is nearing completion. All urban and most rural streets have been mapped, however there may be some rural routes in some outlying areas, such as Caerleon and Penhow that may still be incomplete.

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Newport City Council Website