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The purpose of this project is to create a basic basemap of Nicaragua with a nationwide coverage. The whole country will be mapped for basic features such as roads, waterways, lakes and ponds, names of towns, villages and other locations, etc. To achieve this goal the project uses the OSM Tasking Manager for coordination of mapping and logging of areas already covered/verified.

The idea of the basemap is not to create fully detailed map of everything, which is eventually what OpenStreetMap is really wonderful for, but to first get the basic map features into the map so that more specialized mapping of various Points of Interest, detailed landuse, natural resources, building footprints, bridges, streams/canals & other minor waterways, etc can happen later.

Mapping tasks will be listed below with new mapping tasks for each department created over time. If you want a task created for a specific task please send email to jaakko (at) helleranta (punto) com .