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Dear sir or Madame,

I joined the community for X years and since then I contribute to this beautiful project, that creates a free map of the world, that is editable by everyone.
As we have a problem, to get a good quality and coverage on the countryside, we did recently a online map action, where people all over the world started tracing aerial imagery outside the big cities.

But this is just a first step, as our project covers so much more aspects, that can't be seen just on that images. Say details as street names, housenumbers and especially every kind of amenities like your next butcher, bakery or just a postbox.
This is where we need *your help*, because who knows it's neighborhood better than the people living their?
So please help us, by taking a look at our map on and drop us a note on the right place, where you miss something. For to much informations, I can easily print our map at and write comments directly on the paper. Then please scan the paper again and send it back to me, I will do all edits for you :)

But feel free to sign up and add this informations on your own, it's not that difficult. Here we give you good step-by-step introductions:

This would make me very happy, as I spend hours to trace your local area and I would be glad if we can keep it up to date.


Optional you can add some phrases that make it more personal


  • OSM let pupils combine IT and reflecting their environment and let them explore how to participate in a Web 2.0 project and on public participation
  • combines multiple courses as geography, informatics
  • trains soft skills (finding right grade on detail, managing tacking notes, different computer skills, ...)