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Word / Phrase Key Value Operator Plural
بانک amenity bank - N
بانکs amenity bank - Y
کلينيک amenity clinic - N
کلينيکs amenity clinic - Y
پوهنځی amenity college - N
پوهنځیs amenity college - Y
سفارت amenity embassy - N
سفارتs amenity embassy - Y
روغتون amenity hospital - N
روغتونs amenity hospital - Y
درملتون amenity pharmacy - N
درملتونs amenity pharmacy - Y
پوليس amenity police - N
پوليسs amenity police - Y
ښوونځی amenity school - N
ښوونځیs amenity school - Y
نندارتون amenity theatre - N
نندارتونs amenity theatre - Y
هوټل building hotel - N
هوټلs building hotel - Y
هټۍ building shop - N
هټۍs building shop - Y
لوبغالی building stadium - N
لوبغالیs building stadium - Y
برج building tower - N
برجs building tower - Y
تمځای highway bus_stop - N
تمځایs highway bus_stop - Y
واټ highway road - N
واټs highway road - Y
ماڼۍ historic castle - N
ماڼۍs historic castle - Y
هديره landuse cemetery - N
هديرهs landuse cemetery - Y
ځنګل landuse forest - N
ځنګلs landuse forest - Y
پارک leisure park - N
پارکs leisure park - Y
څوکه natural peak - N
څوکهs natural peak - Y
ونه natural tree - N
ونهs natural tree - Y
دره natural valley - N
درهs natural valley - Y
اوبه natural water - N
اوبهs natural water - Y
هوايي ډګر aeroway aerodrome - N
هوايي ډګرs aeroway aerodrome - Y
ښار place city - N
ښارs place city - Y
هېواد place country - N
هېوادs place country - Y
فارم place farm - N
فارمs place farm - Y
کور place house - N
کورs place house - Y
کورونه place houses - N
کورونهs place houses - Y
ټاپو place island - N
ټاپوs place island - Y
سيمه place region - N
سيمهs place region - Y
ښارګوټی place town - N
ښارګوټیs place town - Y
کلی place village - N
کلیs place village - Y
بټيارۍ shop bakery - N
بټيارۍs shop bakery - Y
مېلمستون tourism guest_house - N
مېلمستونs tourism guest_house - Y
ليليه tourism hostel - N
ليليهs tourism hostel - Y
هوټل tourism hotel - N
هوټلs tourism hotel - Y
مالومات tourism information - N
مالوماتs tourism information - Y
موزيم tourism museum - N
موزيمs tourism museum - Y
مېله ځای tourism picnic_site - N
مېله ځایs tourism picnic_site - Y
ژوبڼ tourism zoo - N
ژوبڼs tourism zoo - Y