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King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK. here

King's Lynn is a moderate size town of about 35,000 people (2001 census) at the south-east corner of The Wash. This suggests that seven people should be able to survey it completely in 5 hours and upload the results in another 5.

There is quite a lot of street pattern already present, apparently done from privately sourced aerial photography, but hardly any street names and POIs and we aren't sure about the accuracy of the layout.


Saturday 27th June 2009

Meet by the entrance to King's Lynn rail station at 10.30am on the 27th. Train from Cambridge/Ely arrives 1021 (depart Cambridge station 0935). Trains also available from Peterborough and the west, Ipswich, and Norwich, changing at Ely.

We'll meet for lunch at The Lattice House, Chapel Street (here), which has free WiFi apparently.

Contact phone number: David Earl, 07977 500014


Usual things: a GPS receiver and something for note taking. A bike or shoe leather. We'll happily show beginners what to do. If you have a laptop computer, please bring it so we can also do some of the editing collectively.


The town is divided into 8 target sectors as shown on the map, including the villages of North and South Wootton. There's also West Lynn, should we have enough time/people.



(Please add yourselves here - use three tildes (~~~) to automatically add your user id)

  • David.earl
  • DFJA - Sorry, will have to drop out.
  • Cmd1001
  • Blackadder Sorry, I'm now double booked and have to be up near Chester for the w/e. Wish I was able to join in the fun.
  • Samlarsen1 - probably
  • Smsm1 maybe, might struggle to get the 08:45 from Kings Cross.