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The Norfolk and Western Railway was one of the major freight and passenger railroads in the southeast U.S. until 1982, and is now part of Norfolk Southern. Lines formerly operated by it or a subsidiary should be tagged old_railway_operator=N&W in addition to railway=rail (if still in use) or railway=abandoned.

Below is a list (roughly complete) of ex-N&W lines, with mapping status.

Name MP From To Status Notes
(main) LP Lamberts Point Bridge 5
(main) N Bridge 5 Columbus
(main) L Lynchburg Durham
(main) H Hagerstown Roanoke
(main) W Randolph Street (Roanoke) Belt Line (Roanoke)
(main) R Belt Line (Roanoke) Winston-Salem
(main) NB Walton Junction (Radford) Bristol
(main) P North Carolina Junction (Pulaski) Fries
(main) CV Graham (Bluefield) Norton
(main) CT Ivorydale Vera Junction (Portsmouth)
Knitting Mill Branch
Norfolk Branch
Money Point Branch
Gilmerton Branch
Petersburg Belt Line P Poe Jack (Addison)
City Point Branch CP Petersburg City Point
Blackstone Branch Blackstone Branch Junction Dillard
(low grade line) B Burkeville Pamplin complete
Lynchburg Belt Line PH Concord (Phoebe) Forest
Lynchburg Industrial Branch
Bannister Branch
Mayo Creek Spur M Mayo Junction Mayo Plant built later?
Hyco Spur HY Hyco Junction Hyco Plant built later?
Durham Belt Line
Cloverdale Branch C Cloverdale Lonestar built later?
Pelter's Mine Branch
Crimora Branch
Shenandoah Ore Branch
Carson's Lime Kiln Branch
Charlestown Belt Line
Nylon Spur NY Nylon Spur Junction Dupont built later?
Belews Creek Spur BC Belews Creek Junction Belews Creek Plant built later?
Roanoke Belt Line R Belt Line Crossing Belt Line
Catawba Branch S Salem Sandberg
Blacksburg Branch CA Christiansburg Blacksburg
Potts Valley Branch PV Potts Valley Junction Paint Bank
Radford Branch RB Radford Miles
Saltville Branch Glade Spring Saltville
Allisonia Branch
Reed Island Branch Reed Betty Baker
Periwinkle Branch
Spur to Betty Baker Mines
Hematite Branch
Speedwell Extension Speedwell Junction Averill
Chestnut Creek Branch Fries Junction Galax
Pocahontas Branch Pocahontas Boissevain
Laurel Creek Branch
Western Branch
Bluestone Extension Bluestone
Crane Creek Branches
Widemouth Branches
Simmons Creek Branch
Flipping Creek Branch
Mill Creek Branch
Elkhorn Branches
North Fork Elkhorn North Fork
Dan's Branch
Tug Fork Branch T Hemphill (Welch) Jenkinjones
Sand Lick Branch SL Sand Lick Filbert
South Fork Branch SF South Fork Munson
North Fork Branch of Tug Fork Branch Anawalt (Jeanette)
Superior Branch
Spice Creek Branch
Clear Fork Branch Clear Fork Junction Coalwood
Dry Fork Branch I Iaeger Cedar Bluff AKA Beech Creek Branch and Indian Creek Branch south of Canebrake
Caretta Branch Caretta Branch Junction Juno
Jacobs Fork Branch JF Omega Bishop built later?
Gilbert Branch W Wharncliffe Neds (Gilbert) built later?
Ben Creek Spur BS Ben Creek Timbar built later?
Briar Mountain Branch BM Glen Alum Light
Buchanan Branch D Devon Consol
Levisa Branch H Thomas Wye Curb built later?
Big Prater Creek Spur BP Vansant Koenig built later?
Dismal Creek Branch DC Dismal Wyatt built later?
Garden Creek Branch GC Page Junction Corneliu built later?
Poplar Creek Branch Cedar Majestic
Freeburn Branch DB Arrow (Delorme) Thomas now Delorme Branch
Jamboree Spur B Phelps Chisholm built later?
Lick Fork Branch TE Lick Fork Junction Old Ben
Thacker Branch
McCarr (Matewan) Nampa
Mate Creek Branch MC Mate Creek Junction (Matewan) Mabley built later?
Alma Branch AL Alma Junction Surosa old main
Sycamore Branch Williamson Sycamore Coal Company
Town Hill Branch
Big Creek Branch R Big Creek Junction (Richlands) Wyatt
Coal Creek Branch RG Raven New Garden
Honaker Branch Honaker Branch Junction Blackford
Dumps Creek Branch Carbo Hurricane built later?
Russell Creek Branch
Little Tom Branch
Big Toms Creek Branch BT Toms Creek Branch Junction (Coeburn) Toms Creek
Nolan Spur NH Nolan Long Fork Junction built later?
Long Fork Spur LF Long Fork Junction Gund built later?
Sidney Spur SS Sidney Gund Junction Sidney built later?
Big Sandy Low Grade Line NA Naugatuck Kenova
Wolf Creek Branch WC Wolf Creek Pevler built later?
Marrowbone Branch MS Marrowbone Junction Marrowbone built later?
Lenore Branch L Lenore Scarlett Glen built later?
Dingess Branch
Wayne Branch WB Wayne East Lynn
Colmont Spur CS East Lynn Colmont built later?
Kenova Belt Line
Hillsboro Branch Sardinia Hillsboro
Richmond Junction New Richmond abandoned early
Narrows Suiter
Abingdon Elkland
Damascus Tennessee state line
Creek Junction Grassy Ridge
Williamson McVeigh
Toler Hardy
Pinson Junction
Claremont James River Junction
FD West Norfolk Danville
Shoulders Hill Portsmouth
Hitchcock Junction Hitchcock
Buffalo Junction Buffalo Lithia Springs
EB Elkton North River Gap