North York Moors

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The North York Moors are a national park in North Yorkshire. relation 409150.


National parks were created after the publication of the NPE so there are no or few usable map sources for the boundary. An explanation of the boundary added to OSM follows below. The boundary as represented in OSM is a rough boundary only and cannot be regarded as a complete or accurate boundary. Other people who know the North York Moors National Park are encouraged to edit the boundary if they think it is wrong.

Boundary so far

  • Coastline from Burniston to Whitby
  • Whitby is not inside the National Park
  • Following a parish boundary from the coast inland towards the Spital Beck
  • Following that boundary along the Spital Beck
  • Stainsacre is inside the National Park according to various websites
  • ... but Ruswarp isn't.
  • Grosmont on Wikipedia is within the National Park according to Wikipedia.
  • Easington on Wikipedia is inside the National Park but Wikipedia describes nearby Loftus as "sandwiched between the National Park and Hummersea".
  • Thimbleby on Wikipedia near Northallerton is apparently inside the National Park.