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The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) maintains a registry for all public and private social and health care providers in Finland.
The ODA Self care and digital value services -project would like to use the data in this registry for making sure that all the providers citizens visit are indeed listed on OSM.
The registry is available on Code Service under CC BY 4.0 license.
Written permission to use the data has been obtained from THL. THL would require that they are mentioned as a data source on the Contributors wiki page.


Aim of the import is to geocode the addresses on the THL registry and insert the locations on OSM.


Plan is to do the import as soon as possible. Following topics need to be considered:

  • Licensing rights (CC-BY 4.0), OpenStreetMap Foundation has now guidelines. Written permission by THL has also been received
  • Data preparation, i.e. how to prepare the data for the import
  • Data merge, i.e. how to merge the prepared data to the OpenStreetMap, in case there are existing locations for the same service providers.

Import Data


Data source site: https://www.thl.fi/en/web/information-management-in-social-welfare-and-health-care/standardisation-of-data-and-requirements/code-service
Data license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Type of license: CC-BY
Link to permission: signed permission statement
OSM attribution: to be added to Contributors
ODbL Compliance verified: yes

OSM Data Files

Files will be prepared using the scripts on Github.
Example output available on output.

Import Type

New organizations are registered continuously to the registry. This means the import needs to be updated with the new and changed data periodically.<br>

Update will be done using scripts to process the data but with manual upload.

JOSM will be used for entering the changed data to the OSM database.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Several of the SOTE organizations already appear on OSM. Data cleanup needs to be investigated. We see however also benefits in a bigger data set derived from the registry vs locations uploaded by individuals.

Tagging Plans

Organizations are tagged amenity:clinic=* or amenity:social_facility=*. Sample node:

<node id='-45' lat='61.495632' lon='23.770766' timestamp='2016-02-02T01:30:24'>
    <tag k='name' v='Hammaslääkintäyritys Plakki Oy'/>
    <tag k='addr:city' v='Tampere'/>
    <tag k='addr:street' v='Suvantokatu'/>
    <tag k='addr:housenumber' v='10'/>
    <tag k='addr:postcode' v='33100'/>
    <tag k='sote_oid' v=''/>
    <tag k='addr:country' v='FI'/>
    <tag k='amenity' v='clinic'/>
    <tag k='phone' v='050123456'/>

Changeset Tags

Will use comment=* and created_by=* tags to indicate that we uploaded the SOTE registry locations and that the changeset was crafted by the ODA effort.

Data Transformation

Addresses of the organizations are geocoded to coordinates using Digitransit.fi

Data Transformation Results


Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

The import is being done as part of the ODA Self care and digital value services effort.




  • Open tampere_output.osm on josm-tested.jar
  • Review data
  • Upload data in one changeset
  • Review upload results, if OK create & upload changeset for rest of Finland
  • Use JSOM Reverter plugin for rolling back changeset(s) if needed




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