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September 2011 license changeover TODO list


Game plan: dmca@osmfoundation.org is live now

While asking the legally required questions the takedown form doesn't guide people towards giving object IDs or better yet changeset IDs which are far better for actually redacting information ...should it? well it's what we need to deal with any takedowns. we can investigate, but changesets are preferred, or references to a specific object. a reference to an area or a link to a tile that infringes may satisfy the DMCA requirements but is not going to make it easy or get it speedily dealt with

osm.org link to DMCA form?

2) Changeover guidance for data consumers - DONE

3) Preparation for various documentation changes (below) - DONE

  • Richard W has offered to put together screenshots of acceptable attribution - does not need to be done before switchover
  • Update MediaWiki:Copyrightwarning to separate database and wiki licences - DONE

4) Go live!

5) After license change is over

  • Tile server updates?
  • New attribution on iframe embeddable slippy map (export tab)
  • Generate new processed_p coastline files