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Documentation and discussions for plans on a time aware tile server

Current Set Up

  • create pg views with the temporal query
  • create cartocss file pointing to views
  • Add to renderd config

See OHM/Dev for details


To make it easy for people to see a map from any period / date

Issues & Discussion

Infinite tiles on disk would lead to no free space on disk!

Should OHM be able to serve up any tile set? OSM only serves up the 1 tile set - other servers render their own.

OHM just provide the data - you should render it as see fit?

OHM to be curator of "official" or "featured" tiles?

Should OHM only have a set number of static tiles, and allow dynamic ones as well?

--Chippy (talk) 09:28, 23 May 2014 (UTC) thinks that the server is beefy enough and we should go with the dynamic solution as being the best thing to do. We will fix problems when they occur, not pre-empt them when they haven't occured yet

Dynamic Solutions

Allow tiles to be generated for any period - cache the most popular ones. maintain the cache at a certain level of disk space. Expire the cache when it needs to be done.

Some options

1) Set eras

2) allow any & cached popular only

3) vector / client based

4) Hybrid

Github Issue