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OpenStreetMap Foundation

Face to face meeting

11th and 12nd December 2010,

Pisa, Italy



Present: Mikel, Steve, Ivan, Henk, Emilie, Simone, Oliver.

Previous meeting minutes: http://docs.google.com/a/osmfoundation.org/Doc?docid=0AXlajN88iKk6ZGdqc2JkdHhfODBnNXc4ZHNtbQ&hl=en

  • Proposed: Steve
  • Seconded: Henk

Minutes accepted.

Agenda and Minutes


A new version of the Contributor Terms has been made available. The new version now allows the Foundation to remove data which has been, willingly, or by mistake, uploaded and found not compatible with the Licence.

The Board unanimously agrees that it is time to move forward after several years of work on the new license.

The board request the LWG: to use the code behind this tool <http://repo.grimp.eu/osm/europe_italy_status>, break-up data by type (e.g. road, landuse, et cetera), extend the coverage of it to be worldwide, and produce a thematic map of that data (e.g. Italy is green, France is red) accordingly for each object type, and for all objects.

The board discussed the issue of data loss and expects, considering what has been seen, it will not be a showstopper at the time of the final switch.

The OSMF board mandates the LWG to enforce mandatory acceptance of the CT and ODBL in order to edit the database by March 31st.

Spending Policy

The board resolved for the strategic WG to come up with a draft budget based on the needs of other WGs and the community. Deadline for this is february 28th.

The communications WG is asked to announce at the same time the aforementioned resolution about the draft budget, plus MapQuest's donation.

The draft spending policy is as follows: Expenditures larger than 1000€ will be discussed by the board on a case-by-case basis. Expenditures smaller than 1000€ require only the signature of the treasurer and any other member of the board (given by email).

The treasurer will ask for a quote for outsourcing the book-keeping job.

OSMF wants to financially support projects which are aligned towards improving the data on OSM's DB, widen the reach of the Database. The Strategic WG is encouraged to come up with a plan to build a project incubator.

The board resolves to accept Oliver's proposal to obtain liability insurance.

The treasurer will look into options for switching banks. The board feels that the current bank provides insufficient services, and there is a need for redundant access to other board members.

Horizontal Scaling

Technically, there is a need for horizontally scaling the DB: there will come a point in the future, where acquiring more hardware won't scale anymore.

The board asks the Technical WG to build suggestions of fundable items, such as bounties, to build a scalable API.

Besides bookkeeping, there are no jobs that need external help at the moment. In six months time, the board will reconsider hiring a secretary and/or a full-time sysadmin.

Local Chapters

Local chapters should be financially independent: able to raise and spend their own money. Local chapters shall be not-for-profit entities, and have non-discriminatory membership. The board would prefer not having chapters which geographically overlap.

The chapters WG will meet next week during the 16th. The WG shall obtain a report of the status of different existent local organisations; come with a general set of obligations and rights for chapters, and preview how to deal with termination and overlaps.

GPS to go

The board agrees that the funds remaining from the OSI grant be reapplied to the GPStogo program after a plan for restarting the program is drafted.

Next face-to-face meeting

The next face to face meeting will take place in conjunction with SotM-EU


Next Annual General Meeting will be held during SotM (Denver).

Membership Secretary

Simone to organize handover from Mike, a call will follow next week.

Tasks taken


  • Andy - European UnionTrademark. Laudit Solicitors payment (Pending) - handover to emilie (pending as well)
  • Andy - GSoC mentors travel - Liaise with Ian to get invoice prepared. (invoice to be sent this week) - done >> Emilie is going to check with Andy on the status - DONE
  • Andy- Companies House system - Get login privileges for Mike (ongoing) - Needs to be set up for someone (ie another director). Suggest I run through with Emilie when I do the handover. - DONE
  • Mike - Companies House - Confirm whether we should lodge this Resolution (pending). - ask Mike
  • Emilie suggesting to hire an accountant to hold foundation assets (bank account access, domain details, passwords, etc). (DONE)


  • osmf website working group? - UX group - pending until early january
  • DWG
    • Do a write up on Geodata on what the OTRS ticket system-based procedure is, after the clean-up has finished. - forwarded to the LWG
  • OSMF logo - Simone will provide the list of members, then Steve will set up a voting system in early january


  • Mike to organise a limited use osmf-announce mailing list. (ongoing) - handover to simone if necessary.
  • Review with Mike the current structure of the OSMF mailing lists, and how to review unsubscriptions.


  • Andy - Initiate the holding of a first Articles WG meeting (pending).
  • Andy - Seek professional advice on how do avoid being a de facto employer if we are the recipient of third party funds for humanitarian projects? (pending)else please or if HOT integration does not happen then it's not an issue.


  • Mike/Andy - talk to a lawyer re definition of members and also on the protection and use of our data. General data use and protection viz a vis UK DPA (Data Protection Agency) (pending lawyer contact) (Steve recommended looking at ODesk.com as a possible source for professional services.) - Mike to finish first part and then hand over to Oliver. Mike got a quote for defining members statuses. (Pending - try to take over)


  • Reboot registration process for additional trademark as per Frederik Ramm's email, ask Grant Slater.

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 17 CET, Sunday December, 12nd, 2010

Date of next Meeting

Wednesday December 15th at 1900CET (dial in). Next Face-to-face Meeting will take place during SotM EU.

OSMF corporate office is:
132 Maney Hill Road
Sutton Coldfield
B72 1JU
United Kingdom