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OSMNavigator is a software capable of render, edit, navigate, route over OpenStreetMap Data. (https://github.com/MKergall/osmbonuspack ?)

Main Features:

  • based on QT Library 4.x
  • support for all major databases with qt sql driver (actually mysql is experimental, use postgres instead)
  • it can manage gigabytes and gigabytes of data
  • rendering is based on a modifiable set of rules applied to nodes, segments, ways, areas...
  • ruleset can be saved and loaded in customizable ruleset profiles
  • ruleset can be different among zoom levels
  • you can save an image of the current vieweble area
  • you can do an area rendering over a high resolution box and save it to a file
  • WYSWYG Editor, while editing you'll get what you see
  • Search Node from db tags or from geonames.org
  • other ...