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OSM ↔ Wikidata matcher
OSM ↔ Wikidata.png
Author: Edward Betts and contributors
License: GNU General Public License
Platform: Web browser
Status: Active
Version: (2022-03-19)
Language: English
Website: https://osm.wikidata.link/
Source code: EdwardBetts/osm-wikidata
Programming languages: Python and JavaScript

Matches geolacated Wikidata items with OSM objects

OSM ↔ Wikidata matcher (osm.wikidata.link) is a web based tool that can be used to semi-automatically add the Wikidata tag to an OpenStreetMap object. It is developed by Edward Betts (Edward) (and others contributors) in Python and web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS).

Please read and follow the Automated edits policy before using this tool. Note that there are many cases where matches will be systematically wrong[1], and sometimes matches will be wrong in new unusual ways. Mass-adding tags without careful review will result in mistakes and is not OK!


Note: you can match within area specified by relation or way, matching around nodes is not available.

Firstly, the user provide a "place" name, for example: a city, an administrative region or a country. Then the tool will query both OSM and Wikidata given this place. The tool will try to match Wikidata items with OSM objects. Once done, the user can review the matched OSM objects that will be edited by the tool. Finally the user can use the tool to directly add the missing wikidata=* tags to OSM objects. The user can also view all Wikidata item without matching OSM object and edit OSM with an other editor to manually add the wikidata=* tag.

This tool displays results in tabs:

  1. Match candidates: display the potential OSM objects matching Wikidata item
    • This is the main tab. It allows user to match and add wikidata=* tags to OSM objects
  2. Already tagged: display the OSM object and his wikidata=* key
  3. No match: display Wikidata item without match in OSM
    • This tab allows user to edit OSM and add the wikidata=* tag manually
  4. Wikidata query: display the Wikidata SPARQL query.

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