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This is a tool designed to import full history files of regions into a osm2pgsql-compatble database format and render maps for different slices of time. It consists of an importer and an renderer which can be used separately.

OSM history renderer is found on github.

This software isn't maintained any more. It is based on a very old version of Osmium.

Memory Usage

Area I tried to Import Size of the .osh.pbf-File RAM available Did it succeed? How long did it take? Username / Comments
Germany/Rheinland-Pfalz 176M 4G yep MaZderMind (talk) 16:54, 3 May 2014 (UTC)
Extract of Mainland USA from [1] 8G 2G nope [2] was using a standard AWS instance with about 7.5G memory (instance c3.2xlarge). The basic setup requires you to get an external EBS drive, move the Postgres database to use the EBS and then run the importer there. The extractor works great, took me a few minutes I think.
Extract of Mainland USA from [3] 8G 60G nope ran out of memory
Brazil Complete Extract [4] 300mb 7.8GB yep LucasM : Used to create a stats file OSM coverage in Brazil [5]
Mainland USA complete extract ~4.5G 122G nope ~3 Hours Dalek2point3 : Ran out of memory. Should probably import partial extracts.
[6] Filtered ways of France 640M (16G .osm) 12 used of 16G yes 3 Hours 45 Minutes Without nodespare option No rendered, only import with pc/ubuntu - database size is 28 G explains in french
[7] Full history France 4.1G 11G used of 16G yes 24 Hours With nodespare option No rendered - database size is 180 G explains in french
Full history France (split form planet history) 4.7G 11G used of 16G yes 12 Hours with a faster hard disk drive and with nodespare option
name __G __G yep/nope __ Hours __ Minutes write 4x ~ here