OSM Indoor Meeting 2023-09-14

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Project LevelOut

  • Prototype for a BIM to OSM SIT Konverters
  • Input-Format is IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)
  • Implemented as a plugin for https://github.com/opensourcebim/bimserver
  • LevelOut plugins and web app: https://bauinformatik.github.io/levelout/
  • Looking into developing into a IFC data donation app, ggf. via Prototype Fund project
  • Various modelling challenges
    • level separation / sub-levels
    • vertical connections between levels
    • private/publicly accessible rooms (properties in IFC exist, but aren't always set)
    • maintenance/infrastructure levels/shafts etc
    • thin wall vs thick wall
  • BIM data exist for practically all newly constructed buildings and sometimes also for existing buildings, but in general not publicly available
  • For existing buildings there are various approaches/research projects:
    • 3D scanner/point clouds
    • digitize paper plans
    • image processing of escape plans (see e.g. Accessible Maps)
    • CAD
  • Example output: https://cloud.uni-weimar.de/s/MXQQoonJTpTsDK3 (link will expire 4 weeks after the meeting)

Modelling of stairs

  • SIT models stairs as polygons, which doesn't cover details such as landings
  • possible alternative modeling approaches: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Daveloper/indoor-stairs-mapping
  • further modeling approaches:
    • only ways (as done in outdoor, commonly found e.g. in train stations)
    • "U-polygon"
    • "U-polygon" and way with level information per node
  • can we unify differences between indoor and outdoor stair mapping?
  • indoor stairs need to stackable, this is usually not necessary outdoor
  • how to model free-standing stairs? Those pose an underrun risk e.g. for blind people navigating based on map data
    • indoor:room: Staircase with surrounding walls, no underrun possible
    • indoor:area: no surrounding wall, but no information whether underrun is possible or not
  • Does the underrun risk need to be modeled/mapped explicitly? Implicit inference is not possible in all cases.
  • Preferred stair modelling: polygon + way

Further collaboration/communication

  • Proposal development:
    • can be edited collaboratively in an Etherpad/Hackpad
    • should be based on an existing/working implementation
    • needs people spending time on this
  • Online meeting:
    • turn into a regular meeting
    • quarterly
    • also advertise in Wiki and forum
  • In-person meeting:
    • do another FOSSGIS BoF