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gosmin for Developers

The sources can be found in the OSM SVN: http://svn.openstreetmap.org/applications/utils/gosmin/

There is a *To Do list* mentioning current limitations and future plans.

For mapmakers

If you want to include your map, gosmin (currently) needs the following:

  • Stable link to the zip, bz2, gz, etc. file - no "weekly changing" url :-)
  • A single gmapsupp.img file. Separate .img tiles intended for MapSource currently won't work.
  • Currently no additional license texts for individual maps - only CC-by-SA license.
  • Details about the map, examples can be found in the maps.xml file

What it does

The welcome, license, device and preparations page shows/collects some info. In the destination page, all removable drives will be enumerated and displayed. Gosmin tries to detect the right drive in the following order:

  • empty (probably a new memory card)
  • contains the file: \garmin\gmapsupp.img
  • contains a folder: \garmin
  • is a drive smaller than 64GB (probably not a hard drive)
  • any other removable drive

Source page will collect more infos. Installation page:

  • download zipped file into NSIS specific Temp folder
  • unzip (zip, bz2, gz, ...) file in NSIS specific Temp folder
  • copy gmapsupp.img to destination folder

... for more details: may the source be with you!