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This is a draft of a project proposal named "OSM Sets".

The Project

OSM Sets is a web interface for retrieving and pushing node sets to OpenStreetMap.

A Set consists of:

  • Reference to the boundary relation that contains the nodes;
  • Compulsory Tags: tags needed to a node be part of the set;
  • Desirable Tags: tags needed to give a complete description of the node;
  • Mapped nodes: nodes with coordinates;
  • Unmapped nodes: nodes witouht coordinates inputed by CSV, XML or other plain text format.

After the creation of the Set, the system will retrieve the nodes matching the compulsory tags, and add them to the Set. The user will be able to upload a CSV file with mapped points, which will merged, or unmapped points, which will be available for latter mapping.

The system will provide the percent of completeness of desirable tags and mapped points.

It will be also possible to retrieve the mapped points of a collection via GeoRSS, KML or other format.


  • It is hard to retrieve specific sets of data from OSM without knowing command-line tools or other difficult methods;
  • Most of the mapping efforts is fragmented in the wiki, and this will help to automate monitoring the work;
  • Provide a better way than bounding boxes to geographically retrive informacion, using boundary relations;
  • It will be possible to easily monitor the completeness of collections by comparing with public known data;
  • It will be possible to verify changes in Sets;

Example Collection

Title: Police Stations in São Paulo.

Container Boundary Relation: #298285 (City of São Paulo)

Compulsory tags:

  • <amenity="police">

Desirable tags:

  • <name=*>
  • <addr:street=*>
  • <addr:housenumber=*>
  • <contact:phone=*>

Unmapped Points as CSV (from the police website):

Nome; Addr:Street; Addr:Housenumber; contact:phone; 
1° Distrito Policial; RUA DA GLÓRIA; 410;(11) 3341-3840;
2° Distrito Policial; RUA JARAGUÁ; 383;(11) 3221 6943;
3° Distrito Policial; RUA AURORA; 322;(11)3223 9839
4° Distrito Policial; RUA MQ. DE PARANAGUÁ; 246; (11) 3256 4148

Current Status

Working in the ruby OSMLib library to retrieve a relation as a polygon.

People Involved

Vitor George