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The client shall be able to retrieve details of every user who contributed to an area of map.

Why is this feature important?

  • To fulfil the Attribution requirements of our creative commons license.

Proposed Feature

Below the client requests details of who contributed to a certain area of map. Assume that 80n mapped the area and SteveC added some points of interest. The server reports a list of 2 contributors.

Get Contributors

If the OSM server receives the GET_request message containing:

Method OSM_Protocol_Command OSM_Command_Parameters
GET_request /Contributors ?bbox=bllon,bllat,trlon,trlat

upon successful command execution, the OSM server shall respond with a GET_response message containing:

Method get_response_body
GET_Response <contributor_list>


Applicable Status Codes of the GET_response message are:

Status Code Description
OK The requested command could be successfully executed.
Bad Request An unknown command had been received.