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New projects

You want to start a new project? You are a student and you are looking for a research task with OSM? Contact Lulu-Ann. I have a wellsorted list of possible tasks, small and big.

How can developers contribute to OSM for the blind?

You want to test your application if it is accessible for blind persons?

Look for your operating system below.

Web applications

  • Test your web application with the free screenreader Orca on linux systems (Hint: remove pulse audio for Debian)

Symbian OS applications

  • Offer your mobile application for Symbian OS here. There is a test license available for the screenreader Nuance Talks.

Java ME applications

  • As Java ME runs on Symbian OS, see above.

iPhone applications

  • Test your iPhone application on a iPhone 3GS or later with the screenreader VoiceOver activated.

Mac OS X

  • Test your applications with VoiceOver running.


  • Test your applications with Talkback running.

Windows applications (running on laptops/netbooks)

  • Offer your Windows application here for testing. We have blind users with laptops/netbooks willing to test.

Windows Mobile applications

  • Offer your Windows Mobile application here for testing. We have a blind contributor with a Mobile Speach license on a HTC device, who can do the testing.

Other operating system application

  • Start a new headline here on the wiki page. Offer your application here. We will find a way to test or help you test.