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Author: Geonick
Platform: Web
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, Swedish, and Chinese
Website: http://osmybiz.osm.ch/
Source code: https://gitlab.com/geometalab/osmybiz

Add businesses in OpenStreetMap

"OpenStreetMap My Business" (short OSMyBiz) is a webapp where businesses - like hotels, restaurants, bars and shops - can enter and manage their information (e.g. address (housenumber, street), opening hours, phone no, and website) in OpenStreetMap in an easy way. It's similar to Onosm.org but contains more functions which are designed to be user friendly. The result is a Note except when a new entry is made with a predefined category.



If there are any bugs found or suggestion in mind, you can raised it by the following way:

https://gitlab.com/geometalab/osmybiz/issues (requires a GitLab account)

Alternatively, you can write to


This is a side-project by Geometa Lab HSR and User:Geonick. We are happy to accept bugs/suggestions, but there are hardly any resources available for this project. For support please use the usual OSM support channels, for example the OSM help site.