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In 2010, many of Murray county, Oklahoma's roads were renamed for E911 purposes.

Licensing information

Per the contact in the GIS department, the county road data is public domain. Murray county government 1001 West Wyandotte / Sulphur, OK 73086


A set of shapefiles were obtained - one containing roads, and one containing private drives The data is as-of 03 December 2010. Because the geometry is significantly better than the original TIGER, and there have been few edits, most roads will be removed and replaced. US Highways, Turnpike, and Interstate highway attributes will be preserved.

It was run through a series of steps to yield a data set to most closely match OSM conventions with the smallest possible data size.

Notes: For similar projects, look at attribute naming conventions in shape file.   
- May use Microsoft Access to import .DBF file if no GIS Shape browsing utilities available.  
- Modify rules as needed.
- Latest shp-to-osm available from https://github.com/iandees/shp-to-osm
- Referenced software available from X (For now contact this page creator for utility code)
  1. shp-to-osm (Java) with rules 'MurrayRules.txt' / RunShp2.cmd
  2. Edit with JOSM for name substitutions: service_alley -> highway=service / service=alley
  3. Correct for topology with JOSM validator: duplicated node elimination, connect "near connections", mark dual carriageways as 1-way.
  4. Remove interstates and US Highways that will be retained since they have probably been edited.
  5. Save as .osm file in JOSM
  6. Expand place names - expand.py
  7. (If shape file street names were all caps) - run TitleizeNameTag.pl (perl script) to create mixed case names. Results in .xml file extension.
  8. Run Glommer program (Microsoft .NET c#) to combine street all segments with identical tags into a single way
  9. Load in JOSM - Select all - Simplify ways
  10. Save as .osm file
  11. Edit with text editor to remove all "action='modify'" subtags because these elements are all new
  12. Download county roads from OSM, Remove tiger to be removed
  13. Load new OSM roads file. Stitch into expressways, etc. check bridges / overpasses / underpasses. Stitch into county border
  14. Upload using dedicated OSM account Import_US_OK_Murray

shp-to-osm rules used for roads:

# This is a comma-delimited format.
#Murray County, OK Shapefile conversion rules
#By MikeN
#Edges, hydro, and point file features should be covered pretty well.
# Field:  Description:
#      1  The shapefile type to match (outer, inner, line, point) (see below)
#      2  The source attribute name to match
#      3  The source attribute value to match. Can be empty to match all values.
#      4  The name of the tag to apply when the source key/value pair match.
#      5  The value of the tag to apply. Use a single dash ("-") to use the original value.
# The shape file types are:
#  outer  = The outer polygon of a MultiPolygon
#  inner  = The inner polygon of a MultiPolygon
#  line   = A line string of a MultiLineString
#  point  = A point of a PointString
# Type, SRC_title, SRC_value, OSM_tag, OSM_Vale
# Copy any names to the OSM name tag
# service_alley is pseudo-type to be expanded later into highway=service / service=alley
line,ROADTYPE,COUNTY RD,highway,residential
line,ROADTYPE,COUNTY ROAD,highway,residential
line,ROADTYPE,STATE HIGHWAY,highway,secondary
line,ROADTYPE,US HIGHWAY,highway,primary