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OpenGeoData used to be the main OpenStreetMap blog at . It was unified into . See Main blog.

History of the blog

The blog started out as a blog by Steve Coast about the OpenStreetMap project. It also featured various guest postings. It was always regarded at the "main" blog of the OpenStreetMap project, and was linked from the front page.

At some point the domain name was pointed to the posterous blogging service where Steve carried on blogging. An archive of old posts remained in a wordpress site at

Gradually the blog transitioned to have many other contributors, lots of news with quite and official tone, and fewer personal opinions of Steve. The Communication Working Group did most news postings there in 2012, as well as posting to with more official foundation news. In May 2013 it was decided that this distinction was more confusing than useful. Posterous was also closing down. A tidy newly skinned newly unified Main blog was set-up.

All posts were merged with those of the blog. Old posts at were also merged in at this time.

The site now carries redirects, but these may go away or be repurposed at some point.

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