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Libraries (I'm thinking of university libraries, but I'm sure there is more general demand too) always have a requirement for maps. When you look up a book in the catalogue, you hope to see a map pointing out where it is on the shelves. Or you want to find books on history, so you need to know where the history section is.


  • There seems to be no standard software solution for this
  • Where there is a particular solution, the maps are probably out of date
  • How to handle recording shelving positions? Make part of shelving procedure?


  • Zoomable: needs to display both sections and locations of particular shelves
  • Easy to update by librarians without having to get the buildings manager to supply detailed specs each time there are physical moves
  • Ideally would link to outside world and also show where the library itself is
  • Needs to integrate with database with locations of holdings
  • Needs to handle multiple points with same co-ordinates (ie more than one floor)



  • Will gps work well enough indoors to get locations on walk round shelves?
  • Enter layout using josm
  • Run osm server with database including only campus and libraries
  • Two renderers: standard one for outside, customised for inside library
  • How to integrate with search? How does current search work? Need to find out..
  • Move as much of the custom stuff as possible into openlayers/js


  • Too much work to justify for one library
  • Provide general service to libraries