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Author: Marcos Costales
License: GNU General Public License v3, CC, and licence. (free of charge)
Platform: Web
Version: 6.0 (2011-09-27)
Language: multiple languages
Source code: Launchpad
Programming languages: PHP and JavaScript

Rate the OSM places by price

openMarkers is a web project for rating OpenStreetMap places by price.

How does it work?

openMarkers is focused on travelers. The community rate their favorite places as low, average or high price. The most places rated will appear with a star, that is, the best for a budget. The target is be a web for recommending places for a budget.


All places are powered by OpenStreetMap. Each place will have one of these colors:

  • Green: Place rated as low price.
  • Blue: Place rated as average price.
  • Yellow: Place rated as high price.
  • Grey: Place no rated yet.


  • Desktop & mobile view.
  • Log in by OpenId.
  • Share a place by a short URL.
  • A record for all your rated places.
  • Several languages.