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OpenMobileMaps is a moving map application for WindowsMobile devices. If a data connection is available, it automatically downloads tiles and allows to search for places. In offline mode it shows cached map-tiles. If a GPS device is available, the current position can be shown on the map and the map automatically moved to follow your actual position.


  • showing map in fullscreen
  • finger friendly user interface
  • map tiles are automatically downloaded if internet connection is available
  • map tiles are stored locally for offline use
  • GPS support and GSM triangulation
  • show actual position on map
  • follow-mode to automatically scroll the map
  • multitouch zooming on HTC HD2 and HD mini
  • bookmarking
  • search addresses
  • calculate routes
  • choose between different map providers
  • multi-language support
  • self-update functionality


  • Windows Mobile 6+ Professional
  • .NET CF 3.5


  • GPS (built-in or external)
  • Internet connection for online tile download and address search functionality


OpenMobileMaps1.jpg OpenMobileMaps2.jpg OpenMobileMaps3.jpg OpenMobileMaps4.jpg

Offline Functionality

If an internet connection is available, OpenMobileMaps automatically downloads necessary tiles. All tiles are permanently stored on the device and therefore don't need to be downloaded again, which saves bandwith. Additionally, the tiles can be used in offline mode if no internet connection is available. For devices without GSM internet connection, all necessary tiles may be downloaded using tile managers like JTileDownloader or OSMtiledownloader or by browsing the area of interest at home with e.g. WiFi connection available.

Due to the fact that search-functionality uses an online service for search requests, it is not available in offline mode.


The main development discussion thread is at the xda-developers forum:


The current Version is 1.6. It can be downloaded from the xda-developer thread mentioned above or from the project's homepage: