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What is OpenNavService (ONS)?

OpenNavService (ONS) is a system currently under development that generates navigation information based on routes obtained from "OpenRouteService (ORS)". It is part of the CAP4Access project funded by the EC 7th Framework Programme.

The primary focus of the system is to generate a navigation system that can be used by people with mobility difficulties, primarily those in wheelchairs. This will mean that it will use pedestrian navigation principles which pose a number of difficulties in comparison to car based navigation systems.


This system is part of the EC project CAP4Access (MyAccessibleEU) which aims at addressing accessibility issues in a number of cities in Europe. Pilot cities for the CAP4Access project include Heidelberg (Germany), Vienna (Austria), London (UK) and Elche (Spain).

Route generation

The system generates routes using the ORS system by passing restrictions based on aspects that limit movement for wheelchair users. The proposed parameters are:

  • Slope of the surface
  • Surface material
    • Type (Natural / Man made)
    • Roughness (Smooth / Rough / Loose)
  • Curbs
    • Drop curb present (Yes / No)
    • Curb height
  • Width
  • Obstacles
    • Permanence (Permanent / Temporary)
    • Type (Object / Surface damage)
  • Pedestrian crossings
    • Controlled / Uncontrolled