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This is the currently used Spanish file for the RouteInstructions on OpenRouteService:

Keep the formatting!

FYI: The Instructions will be updates on every Tuesday with the OSM Data!

Feel free to modify or to create new proposals ... :) - cheers pascal

    <Language Description="Spanish" Code="es">
           <SharpLeft>pronunciadamente a la izquierda</SharpLeft>
           <Left>hacia la izquierda</Left>
           <HalfLeft>ligeramente a la izquierda</HalfLeft>
           <StraightForward>todo recto</StraightForward>
           <HalfRight>ligeramente a la derecha</HalfRight>
           <Right>hacia la derecha</Right>
           <SharpRight>pronunciadamente a la derecha</SharpRight>
           <UTurn>Cambie de sentido</UTurn>
       <ActionNumber>Acción nº</ActionNumber>
           <StartTag>Comience en:</StartTag>
           <EndTag>¡Ha llegado al destino!</EndTag>
           <Before>antes de</Before>
           <After>después de</After>


See also: Sample driving instructions/es_ES