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List of Lights Data Import

This page is intended to describe the all relevant aspects of the data import of the world wide List of Lights.

Data Source

The data is usually available in printed books but is published under public domain licences by the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

The data covers the whole world except the USA coastline and is published as PDF documents and can be downloaded at the following links:

Data Accuracy

Marine sea marks own a large set of attributes which describe the function and purpose of it. Those attributes are such as light characteristics, the shape and color of the object, the position of it, and many more. Thus, Manual tagging is prone to errors. All attributes are extracted from the official lists as explained above, hence, they are highly accurate. Unfortunately, data accuracy in respect to the position is not more than 185m because geographic coordinates of the original lists are just given in tenths of a minute.

Here you find a HowTo to fix the local position.

Import Process

First of all a OSM file is being generated out of PDF data. This data is imported via a matcher that tries to incoorporate existing seamarks and lighthouses in the data import. All lights are be tagged by using the seamark:*=* scheme.

Errors will be corrected manually.

Merging of already existing man_made=lighthouse
see the HowTo everybody can help.

Data Maintenance

All nodes will be identified by the int'l light number assigned by IALA. This ID will be kept within the tag ref=* and seamark:light:ref=*. Yes, this is redundant but it should limit the case that an ID gets lost specifically with the first tag since it is used for many different things.

Work is underway to extract updates from the notices to marineers. Once the data can be properly extracted, updates will occur on a weekly basis. The List of Lights is republished on a regular basis covering updates and fixes. We will reparse the data and synchronize it with the OSM database by using those references. If you plan to help us with that contact the openseamap development mailinglist.

Import Progress

Data import is still in progress. Updates from the NTM are not processed, yet. The imported lights reflect their state at the time of the publication and may be outdated.

Please see the following table about the state of import.

List Status Remarks
Pub.110 not imported yet
Pub.111 finished
Pub.112 finished
Pub.113 finished Sections 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 imported
Pub.114 finished Section 1 South Coast of England. Complete, first pass corrections done

Section 2 East Coast of England. Complete, first pass corrections done
Section 3 East and North Coasts of Scotland, completed, first pass corrections done
Section 4 West Coast of Scotland Complete, first pass corrections done
Section 5 West Coast of England and North and West Coasts of Wales. Complete, first pass corrections done
Section 6 Ireland and Northern Ireland. Complete, first pass corrections done
Section 7 North Coast of France and Channel Islands. complete, first pass corrections done
Section 8 North Sea-France, Belgium and The Netherlands. Complete, first pass corrections done
Section 9 North Sea-Germany and Denmark. Complete, first pass corrections done

Pub.115 finished
Pub.116 finished
Up to date till US Notice to Mariners No. 18 of 2011
Section 1 West Coast of Sweden, completed, uncorrected

Section 2 East Coast of Denmark and Flensburger Forde, completed, uncorrected
Section 3 Northeast Coast of Germany, Storegaelt, Sjaelland, Lolland and Falster, completed, parially corrected
Section 4 The Sound and Bornholm, completed, uncorrected
Section 5 Germany, Poland, Russia and South Coast of Sweden, completed, uncorrected
Section 6 Baltic Sea - East Coast of Sweden and Gotland, completed, uncorrected
Section 7 Gulf of Bothnia - East Coast of Sweden, completed, uncorrected
Section 8 Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia, completed, uncorrected
Section 9 South Coast of Finland and Aland Islands, completed, uncorrected
Section 10 Gulf of Bothnia - West Coast of Finland, completed, uncorrected