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Suggestions for new seamark renderer

Malcolm is working on new renderer. Perfect time to discuss improvements!

Dirk's point of view:


Personally I use OSeaM for trip-planning on inland waterways. I expect a nice overview showing restrictions/facilities like

  • bridge heights
  • no entry signs
  • weirs, locks, gates
  • marinas/ berthing
  • fuel stations

While on my way, additional informations about

  • fairways (buoys)
  • VHF-channels
  • passing rules
  • speed limits

is of interest


  • Due to iENC import, map is -at current state- filled with to many symbols. I would suggest reducing level of detail at zoom levels 14-16.
  • Icon size (notice-marks) is fine, espacially on tablets.
  • buoys size could be reduced (compared to beacons)
  • all restricted areas should show a signature according to category

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