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Available languages — OpenSeaMap auf iOS
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Screenshot of OpenSeaMap
Author: Helge Staedtler
License: Proprietary
Platform: iOS
Version: 3.0 (2016-08-16)
Languages: German, English, and French

App for searching and offline caching

App for OpenSeaMap

OpenSeaMap auf iOS is a free-of-charge app for OpenSeaMap running on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad.


  • worldwide map
  • downloaded map tiles are stored locally in cache
  • your current position is shown in the center of the screen
  • just swipe and pinch on the map to zoom in and pan around
  • search for cities and locations
  • quick zoom feature for optical zoom only
  • precise zoom buttons
  • copy coordinates to pasteboard
  • night vision mode
  • overlay of weather data maptiles (temperature, pressue, precipitation, waves, wind)

Technology & Language

The app uses OpenStreetMap combined with the OpenSeaMap layer and is targeted at sailors and ocean navigators. The app is internationalized for French, English and German languages.


If you need help or have any technical issue with the app you can get support at following e-mail address:


OpenSeaMap is a worldwide project for creating a free nautical chart, founded in 2009. Not just lights and other nautical infos are provided, but also various info layers like weather data, information about harbours and so on. OpenSeaMap is part of OpenStreetMap and uses the same database, but adds information specifically for nautical activities.

History of Origins

OpenSeaMap auf iOS is a spinoff of the app Seewetter Pro. It is available free of charge, but lacks some features of Seewetter Pro such as weather forecasts and Navtex messages. The map functionality is based upon the Route-me framework. The code changes made to the Route-me-Framework to make this work will soon be made public, too.