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OpenStreetMap Finder is a Firefox extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser developed by Jan Mantkowski. OpenStreetMap Finder allows users to search OpenStreetMaps from any webpage by searching for any highlighted text with a single rightclick.

OpenStreetMap Finder

OpenStreetMap Finder is to promote OpenStreetMap to a wider userbase.

It is Open Source and licensed under GNU General Public License version 3 or newer.
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons: Statistics Dashboard
Sourcecode at github
Main developers webpage on OpenStreetMap Finder

How it works

OpenStreetMap Finder installs like any other Firefox extension. It then adds a rightclick option to the context sensitive menu: "Show on OpenStreetMap".

Openstreetmap finder screenshot.png

Openstreetmap finder screenshot2.png

Any text marked is searched for at Geonames first, and only when unsuccessful by OpenStreetMap's own Namefinder. The resulting map is then displayed on


Jan Mantkowski created OpenStreetMap Finder in 2009 after he could not find anything at all searching Firefox Add-onsfor "OpenStreetMap".


OpenStreetMap Finder is available from
Main developers webpage
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

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