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OpenStreetMap South Sudan is an independent non-governmental organization, non partisan and not for profit also a mapping community in South Sudan formed in October 2021. OSM South Sudan was formed to work tirelessly in solidarity with other progressive organizations in any country in the world to activate; community, social, and economic responsibility among South Sudanese and Africans at large.

The Registered Office and Headquarters is situated in Munuki, Suk Melisia, City Fm compound, Juba, South Sudan.

Our Core Objectives

  • To build a network of mappers throughout South Sudan.
  • To provide training and capacity building that will enable individuals and organizations manage social, economic and community challenges.
  • Set up programs to promote awareness of the organization activities among citizens through, public lectures, seminars, workshops, research, publications and mapping events.
  • To create opportunities for members in the network to engage in global sustainable development initiatives.
  • To promote innovations from community members that will provide solutions to challenges in their communities for social and economic development.
  • To create resilient communities that can respond to local, national and global efforts that meet sustainable development goals.
  • Liaise with the private sector, civil society, and government in implementing national development plans.
  • Take part and facilitate mapping initiatives within the East African Community, the African continent, and the global community.
  • Provide training in OpenStreetMap and open data.
  • Providing training in cartographic tools and skills to businesses, universities, government agencies and NGOs.


We are Members of the OpenstreetMap community


Past Project Description
1 Mapping sites producing COVID 19 materials and tools in the refugee camps in Northern Uganda Following the COVID 19 period, we partnered with Openstreetmap Uganda, Platform Africa, and Fieldready in Mapping out all sites where materials and tools produced with the intent of mitigating the spread of COVID 19 were made. this was an exercise with the soul purpose of connecting buyers to these local production sites and later enhancing local production at a refugee level.

we managed to map Rhino camp refugee camp, Imvepi, Omugo Bidbidi refugee settlements

Current Project Description
1 Mapping Buildings and and places of value in the refugee camps in Uganda to enhance service delivery and navigation in the refugee camps by Humanitarian agencies In partnership with Platform Africa and Open street map Uganda, were mapping buildings, roads, and places of value in refugee camps in Uganda to enhance service delivery in these camps and as well enhance the navigation and easy reach of products and services to persons of concern in those refugee camps


Events Description Vedio Links
1 #Mapathon week



  • MapUganda/Openstreetmap Uganda
  • Platform Africa