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Tübingen, Germany
Tübingen, Germany
Slippy map:

Slippy map for mobile devices

OpenTouchMap is a slippy map for mobile devices.

What it does

Well, it basically shows OpenStreetMap-Tiles. It reacts to gestures like pinch, drag or double-tab. Using the geolocation-API one can view his position. And you can search too.

How it does that

OpenTouchMap uses Leaflet for map-interaction and Nominatim for the search.

How to use it

  • zoom by double-tabing or pinching (or with the + and - icons
  • search by tapping on the search icon
  • jump to your position with a link on the meta-view ("always on startup" selectable there)
  • use url-parameters ('lat', 'lon' and 'zoom') for directly jumping to a spot: (Cambridge) (Hamburg),9.05 (one marker)
  • use url-parameter 'q' for directly searching for a place:



OpenTouchMap 1109.jpg OpenTouchMap Meta 1109.jpg OpenTouchMap search.jpg