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2009-03-14 ODbL License and license process phone-in

This meeting took place on 14th March 2009 (15:00 to 14:45UTC). Topics were raised on IRC. There were at least 16 participants. Nick Black chaired and Henk Hoff, Grant Slater and Mike Collinson attended from the OSMF License Working Group and CloudMade sponsored the dial in.

Notes from the meeting

ulfm published the following notes:

OSMF was represented by Nick Black and Michael Collinson with Grant Slater and Henk Hoff joining in later on.

There were 150 participants on IRC, and about 20 on the conf call, with about 10 of them speaking.

Three main aspects were:

  • Discussion on the license and implementation plan mainly between Peter Miller (ITO) and OSMF
  • Discussion on how the process so far is seen by the German community in particular
  • Factual questions on the ODbL

Some important points:

OSFM is trying to get ODbL 1.0 in place as soon as possible and fix problems in version 1.1 later on.

They would have hoped for more input from the community regarding the terms that users have to sign up to to upload data. (?)

The Use Cases were given to OSMF's legal counsil, the response is exptected next week.

The Working Group didn't have time to look into the Open Issues so far. Grant will take care of that now.

Even though that means that a number of fundamental questions remain unanswered, no reason is seen to change the timeline.

However, the time between the publication of the license and the vote will be increased from 3 to 10 days so as to allow legal review of the license.

OSMF will try to communicate the purpose of the license change better with emphasis on the ShareAlike issue. They will try to address the German, Italian, etc communities better.