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Background: What is the problem?

The problem can best be presented as an example:

A commercial company wants to provide a service showing whether car parks are full or not. They have a real-time data feed on how full a set of car-parks is. This is the dynamic data. As it changes constantly, it is not something that is of interest to OpenStreetMap. They now want to link that data to the location of the car-parks, static data. They would like to use OpenStreetMap data for that. If they find any new car-parks or new static information about car-parks, they can add that to OpenStreetMap.

Can they do this without their dynamic data becoming share-alike?

Can another company, that licensed the car-park service, do this without the dynamic data becoming share-alike?

The Guideline

Currently there is no formal or proposed guideline. Please see below for possible solutions being discussed.

Possible Solutions

TODO. Please start!

Open Issues and Use Cases

The main use case is already described in the Background, please feel free to add more.