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Below is the email that was sent to OSMF Members for Licensing Proposal vote on the 5th December 2009.

Vote concluded on the 26th December 2009. Results are available at here.


Subject: OSMF Membership Vote

Dear [Name],

As you are probably aware, we and the OpenStreetMap community have been working on a license upgrade for OpenStreetMap geodata, i.e: the geodata you and others contribute to the project. You can read our formal proposal at:

You can read personal statements from community members making the case for and against the change here:

We would now like you to vote on the proposed change to the ODbL license. Please click on the link below and you will be presented with the vote itself. This link is for your personal use only, and should not be shared. Once you have voted, you may also optionally fill in a short survey on your general views on licensing OSM data in the long term.[UNIQUE HASH]

Voting closes midnight (23:59) GMT on the 26th December 2009.

OpenStreetMap Foundation & Licensing Working Group