Open Knowledge Conference 2013

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The Open Knowledge Conference or OKCON for 2013 will take place in Geneva 17th & 18th September

General details and registration on the website:

Mapping the venue

The swiss OpenStreetMap community have already conducted three special on-the-ground surveys of the area around the CICG building (Fr. Centre International de Conférence de Genève), which is here, close to numerous United Nations agencies.

Looking great on the OKCON website!

This area of Geneva is our priority now. We plan to make this whole district completely addressable via verification surveys during summer months before the conference.

OpenStreetMap sessions

There most probably will be some. TODO: add details/plans/ideas here

I will work as a volunteer at the conference. It is confirmed. --Alex-7

Other events

This comes during September AKA maptember!. Lots of geo/map events happing in the UK, not least of which is State Of The Map 2013 a few weeks earlier


Previous OKCON OpenStreetMap involvement see Open Knowledge Conference