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osm-watch was an OSM contributions almost real-time monitoring tool with filters based alerts that you can created and receive by RSS or email.


Might be working, but development/operations are abandoned.


Here you can find the web interface to set your filters and rules


here is a maybe more up to date explanation of what it is


  • Watch a bounding-box, get notified for changes that are truly within the bbox, not overlap
  • Watch an admin relation, get notified within
  • Watch a tag (within a bbox ?), get notified when
    • NWR with the tag is modified
    • Tag is added on a NWR
    • Tag is removed from a NWR
    • NWR with the tag is deleted
  • Watch an OSM user, get notified whenever he/she makes a commit

Notifications Options:

    • Get notified only if first matching edit by a given contributor
    • Real-time / Scheduled
    • Generated RSS feed

source code

GPL licence source code on GitHub