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What is it ?

osm2mssql is a tool to import OpenStreetMap Files (XML / PBF) into a MS-SQL 2008/2011.

Although not as powerful as Nominatim yet, osm2mssql provides basic geocoding features on Microsoft Windows systems.

Vision of osm2mssql

The vision of osm2mssql is, to be a easy to use program, which imports any OpenStreetMap File into a SQL Server

without any dependency problems, like always on windows --> only pressing a few buttons and everything works fine.

Current features (20.03.2012)

* Very fast import (Small Hp ProLiant Server, Atom 2x1.6 GHz, SATA 7200 RPM Samsung F4 EcoGreen Drive) 
  - import duration of Europe is currently ~1 Day
** Querying for "What is at Latitude/Longitude"
** Textsearch e.g.: "McDonalds" and all McDonalds are listed on a map

I would be glad if anybody wants to help, or support me, i need more ideas and testers!

Contact & Contribute

Main Developer Christian Giesswein: http://www.giesswein-web.at

Sourcecode: http://osm2mssql.codeplex.com/

--Latinchriz 22:43, 20 March 2012 (UTC)