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Available languages — OsmPad
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Screenshot of OsmPad
Author: Ingo Eichenseher
License: (free of charge)
Platforms: Android and iOS
Version: 1.0 (2012-04-19)
Languages: English and German
Website: http://osmpad.oaky.de
Programming languages: Java and Objective-C

Utility to gather house numbers for OpenStreetMap

OsmPad is an OpenStreetMap-App which helps gathering house numbers. Nodes tagged as house numbers can be placed on an online or downloaded map and later sent as email in GPX or OSM format for further editing.


  • Displays OpenStreetMap maps by downloading map tiles
  • Map tiles can be preloaded for offline usage
  • Current GPS location is displayed
  • New nodes tagged as house numbers can be created
  • Entered data can be mailed as GPX and OSM Attachments
  • Street names can be downloaded for easier input (Download server down since 2018)
  • Map can follow GPS location

Features (iPhone/iPad)

  • Track recording

Tips for offline usage

While connected to the internet bring the desired section into display (eventually switch off follow gps mode). Note that download of map and address data is only possible if zoomed in enough. Download maps and download address data. Address data is used to display street names ordered by descending distance to target location. You may switch on 'only downloaded maps' to prevent online download of map tiles. Address data never is downloaded automatically. Now you should be ready to gather house numbers without a mobile internet connection.

Tips for post processing with JOSM

  • The generated OSM-Files can be opened in JOSM
  • The JOSM Plugin Terracer JOSM/Plugins/Terracer is useful to merge address nodes with already existing buildings (follow the documentation on the wiki page of the Terracer plugin)
  • Short Howto-Video on Youtube [1]


Available at User:Bitsteller/Howto Collect Addresses With OSMPad and JOSM.


OsmPad is not longer available at Google Play Store.

Latest existing version of .apk, made available on GitHub